Aside from probably struggling to choose a theme, furnishing your nursery was likely relatively easy. You already knew you needed a crib, changing table, dresser, etc., and no one was going to complain over your choices anyway. Furnishing a child’s room is not quite as easy. They often already know what theme or colors they want and some even have their heart set on bunk beds, a canopy bed, or even a bed shaped like a racecar. However, beyond that you might be feeling a little confused. What other pieces of furniture should be added that you won’t have to turn around and replace in another year?

Kiddie Bean Bag Chairs

If you buy only one thing on this list, let it be kid bean bag chairs. Kids love these balls of beans because they are comfortable and just the right size. You will love that some have machine-washable covers and they last pretty much forever. When your child finally does grow out of their chair, it can be used as a foot stool or a pet bed, but if you buy a small to medium-sized one, they could ultimately end up taking it with them to their dorm room in college.


Children should have their own workspace where they can do homework, other than the kitchen table, of course. When they are old enough to have a laptop, they will already have a desk for it. Plus, this way they can keep their supplies out, and it can even double as a craft station.

Picnic Table

If the room is large enough for a play area, a small plastic picnic table will be perfect for tea parties, playing games with friends, etc. A regular table and chairs is fine but then you have to worry about chairs tipping over. Plus, they can look sloppy when they are all scattered around. A kid-sized picnic table is the solution.



So, this is obviously not furniture, but a definite essential you will be glad you added. You can buy a chalkboard, but it is a whole lot easier just to buy chalkboard paint and paint a section of the wall. Some do the length of an entire wall while others choose a small area in a corner.

Storage Solutions

A child’s room can look like a tornado stormed through five minutes after you cleaned it. Make sure everything has a home. Benches that double as storage are ideal, but plastic bins are perfect for all those small toys and game pieces that often end up in a pile. Putting labels on everything will help your child know where everything belongs.