You spent weeks picking out the perfect coffee table, and you absolutely love the one you got. It is the first thing everyone notices when they come over, but countless people have asked why you have left it empty. Well, chances are good that you haven’t left it this way because you don’t want to put anything on it. You are probably just not quite sure what to put there that won’t take away from the beauty of the table. Well, you may be overthinking it a little. A beautiful table will not easily be overshadowed, but there are a few things that will welcome attention yet allow the table to really shine.


  • Fireplace – Buying a fireplace for table use is the easiest way to allow your table to be the center of attention. Everyone will be drawn towards the fire, so even those who may not have noticed the table before certainly will now. Tabletop fireplaces operate on a fuel source that is smokeless, non-toxic, and odor-free.


  • Serving Tray – You can get really creative with the serving tray idea. Place a vintage tea set on it or use it for seasonal or holiday items, such as pink- and red-foiled chocolate hearts in February or pinecones and gourds in the fall.


  • Plant – If you are going to put a potted plant on your coffee table first you need to make sure that it is not poisonous, if you have kids or pets. Second, you do not want anything too tall that will block the view of the TV. Third, it should not be a plant that spreads or crawls quickly, or you will not actually be able to use the table.


  • Books – You really can’t beat the sweet simplicity of books. Just make sure that the ones you choose are worthy of being on your beautiful table. An old worn-out paperback book that is missing one cover and has the back hanging by a string is not a book that will show off your table very well.


  • Cluster of Candles – Create a cluster of candles, including votives and pillars of various sizes. As long as you are not going to light the candles, you can get really creative and extravagant. You could pair candles with an old tea set, using the cups as votive candle holders. You can group a few tall pillars in the pot or turn a few pieces of the set upside down to use as candle stands.