If you have spent time in the Hamptons then you understand firsthand what the attraction is to the area. It is classic elegance meets fun and comfort. Even if you haven’t been there, chances are good you have seen characters vacationing in the area in at least a dozen movies and television shows you have watched. Well, you don’t have to travel to the South Fork of Long Island to feel like you are at a historical seaside resort. You can create a Hamptons-chic haven right in your own backyard.

  • Add a Pool – A pool is not a make-it-or-break-it component, but it is nice to have. If you add one, it definitely needs to be in-ground. You can always create the water centerpiece with a large pond, too.
  • Pool house – Okay, before you stress because adding a pool isn’t an option, understand that you don’t technically need a pool to build a “pool house.” A simple cabana or gutted shed will give you the same effect. It should have a daybed, cushioned bench, or something comfortable enough to take a nap on. If you do have a pool, this is where towels will get stored. A bench with drawers for storage will be ideal.
  • Raised Rock Garden – Well-groomed shrubs should be complemented by daises and lavender. Stick with lush greenery and flowers in white, blue, red, or purple shades. A little yellow will go a long way, too.
  • Neutral Furniture – Furniture associated with the Hamptons tends to be neutral and rich. High-quality fabrics, wicker, eucalyptus wood, and teak are great materials to look for. If you want patterned furniture, avoid bright floral, polka dots, or anything overly beachy.
  • Outdoor Wall Art – You will likely find that most of your guests don’t know that outdoor wall art exists. So, don’t be surprised if some question why you would put art outside where it can be ruined by the elements. These canvases are given a protective coating to stand up against weather and UV rays. Mount your art in the pool house or on the exterior wall of your home
  • Lounge Perch – Backyard retreats in the Hamptons usually have a main gathering area and then a cozy lounge area off to the side under a tree or hidden beneath an umbrella and surrounded by gardens. A patio umbrella, side table, cedar loungers or rocking chairs will be perfect for your relaxation spot.