Is your outdoor living space so perfect that it is actually scaring guests away? Maybe you love the way it looks, but you never feel comfortable out there. A carefree, cottage-style space will take a playful, relaxed, and more comfortable approach for a casual vibe you will love to be in.


Mismatched Furniture

If you have been considering selling that overpriced and uncomfortable furniture set you have now is the time to do it. A cottage-style space will welcome a variety of pieces that all complement one another. If you need a formal table and chairs it is fine to have a matching set, but mix it up in your lounging area. If you love your outdoor sofa, chaise, and loveseat and don’t want to part with them, a few mismatched garden tables will help a lot. You can also place garden tables in actual gardens and flowerbeds to put potted plants on. Don’t forget one out by the hammock for your iced tea, too.


    Durable Materials

    If you are like many others, you have fond memories of visiting a cottage as a child. Chances are good that materials and finishes were high-quality and resistant to stains and weather. You don’t want to spend half of your morning cleaning and scrubbing to make everything presentable for guests. For example, if you buy a hammock made of fabric look for one that dries quickly to resist mold and mildew and that’s treated to protect against the sun’s rays. If you have a pool, buy high-quality beach towels that will wash well. You are better to spurge on items that will last than be forced to replace them every season.


      Cushions and Seats

      Bean bag cushions and cylinders in a variety of patterns and colors are a must. You can always put them in the media room or the kids’ play room during the winter, too.


        Storage Bench

        Enjoying your space longer in the evening can be as simple as grabbing a soft blanket from inside the storage bench. This is a great place to store a few wide-brimmed hats, as well.


          Lanterns and Lamps

          Hang lanterns from tree branches with pillar candles when guests are over. The rest of the time, lantern solar lights should give you more than enough light.


            Bio Fuel Fireplace

            Since this is a carefree setting, you should not have to poke at a fire pit or constantly move when the wind blows smoke in your direction. An indoor/outdoor portable fireplace that burns bio ethanol requires no attention. Fill, light, and enjoy it.