If you have a small raised flower bed or even a bed that runs alongside your house, all it takes is something small to create a unique focal point. A gargoyle, gnome, or some other type of statuary is all you really need. If you are working with a very large flower garden, creating a focal point is not quite as easy. The eye has a lot of natural beauty to absorb, which can be a little exhausting, if they do not eventually come to rest on one knockout piece. The right centerpiece will draw the eyes deeper into the garden without taking away from any of its beauty. The things on this list are sure to enhance the display of your lovely garden.


Urn Outdoor Fountains

Most people hear the word “urn” and immediately cringe. In this case, urn refers to the narrow-necked shape and has nothing to do with a funerary urn. Urns were widely used in décor design in the 16th and 17th centuries. Urn outdoor fountains are simplistic, but attract a lot of attention. Some are large enough to have a small pool at ground level, which will be appreciated by the wildlife that will use it as a drinking source.



    There is just something enchanting about a bench nestled amongst wildflowers. You can literally hear it beckoning to you to sit for a bit. You can actually buy urn outdoor fountains that have a bench around the perimeter.


      Animal Statues

      Whether you love bears, wolves, lions, or some other regal animal, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a statue of it. Just imagine a black panther statue on a bench or log in the middle of your garden.



        If you have the patience and time to dedicate to building and maintaining a pond, this would be a perfect addition to your garden. Just be prepared for the long-term commitment, especially if you want a koi pond.


        Garden Gazing Ball

        When garden gazing balls first became popular there really was not a large selection to choose from. They were basic, but beautiful. However, if you had one there was a good chance that nearly all your neighbors had the same one to match. Today, there is a huge selection of them in a variety of colors. Plus, you can find pedestals and holders in everything from a flamingo to an angel. If your garden is extra-large, you will want a few of these.