If you absolutely hate the idea of your outdoor space looking the same as the backyard that you find at the home of friends, family members, and neighbors then this list of creative additions will be right up your alley.

  • Papasan Curtain – Take the cracked frame from your old papasan chair that you have been meaning to throw away, and do something creative with it. Suspend it upside down from a strong branch and fasten ground length panels of outdoor fabric to the perimeter. You will create a whimsical tent that you can put a bistro table or comfy reading chair in.
  • Fire Bowls – You probably know that you need some type of outdoor fireplace to provide heat and create ambiance, but deciding on something can be hard because there is such a great selection. If you want something guaranteed to turn heads and be the topic of conservation shop for fire bowls. They definitely leave a lasting impression.
  • Mirrors – Contrary to what you might assume, murals are not just for indoor use. Nestle some between plants to create an optical illusion or hang on the exterior wall in your patio area. Do try to keep it in a shaded area or somewhere that won’t receive direct light. You don’t need the sun’s rays bouncing off the glass and blinding your guests.
  • Revive a Garden Bench – Turn an old garden bench into one giant planter or use it to hold containers of herbs and flowers. You can scatter these around your property for unique focal points.
  • Create a Walkway – Your walkway does not have to actually lead anywhere. Just make a winding one that flows throughout the yard. Add little points of interest along the way. You can even create archways from rebar or painted PVC. Plant climbing plants to cover these arches. Driftwood can create an intriguing archway, too.
  • Paint Your Fence – If you have a privacy fence or even a white picket fence, you can have a lot of fun painting the individual boards or creating a large mural. You can even paint a garden to act like a backdrop to your actual garden.
  • Fountain with Pools – If you are going to add a water feature to your landscaping, and you want one dynamic enough to create a focal point, you will want to check out fountains with large pools at the bottom. You might want to place a couple sitting benches near it, too.