Add a bird bath or a bird feeder to your yard and enjoy the sounds of fluttering wings, splashing waters and bird songs.  A bird bath is a piece of garden art you can use in creative ways.  You can cover the bottom of the bird bath with pebbles for a more natural look.  These will also also provide traction birds need for sure footing. You can decorate a  bird bath with fresh flowers , just cut the stems of the flowers to fit in the bird bath and remove them when they fade. Make sure that the water is clean for the birds and other animals to drink and bathe in.


Achla Designs Double Cattail Birdbath



The Achla Designs Double Cattail Bird Bath Has beautiful life-like cattails of iron that holds decorative copper dishes for the birds to enjoy bathing or feeding. A protective powder-coat finish ensures lasting great looks.


Raccoon Birdbath



The Al’s Garden Art Raccoon Birdbath is surely make your backyard or garden more peaceful and inviting to wildlife. You will definitely enjoy the wonder of this accent piece just as much as the neighborhood birds will enjoy bathing and playing in it.


Achla Designs Scallop Shell Birdbath



One of many birdbaths from a large selection of birding related products. Achla designs offers birdbaths, birdhouses and a wi support system. Birdbaths come in a choice of several materials, colors and price points.


Blenheim Two Tier Solar Birdbath



The Blenheim 2-Tier Solar Birdbath is a great solar powered water feature from Smart Solar. This is a nature-friendly tiered outdoor fountain that is so refreshing and inviting. Having this water fountain in your outdoors will create a focal point in any setting. The solar panel does not store energy for use at night or during overcast conditions. You may also add rocks to make your fountain unique.


Alpine Red Metal Birdbath 


Alpine Red Metal Birdbath was hand-crafted out of ceramic and finished in rich brick red glaze. This fountain is decorated with a bird perched on each side of the bowl. This fountain will bring you the benefits of water fountain while having a unique piece in your home or garden.


Alpine Ceramic Frog Bird Feeder



The Alpine Ceramic Frog Bird Feeder will bring harmony, good fortune and vibrance of natural world to any environment. A mesmerizing and enchanting experience, these striking pieces feature intricate carvings that are certain to catch a few second glances. This fountain will bring you the benefits of water fountain while having a unique piece in your home or garden.


Stone Cast Fairy Birdbath



Encourage wild birds at your vicinity and have the calming as well as rejuvenating feel staring at all of them consuming at this Stone Cast Fairy Birdbath. It is made perfect for your garden to add much more stylish surroundings that will definitely draw in your visitors.


Alpine 14″ Ceramic Bird Bath



The Alpine 14″ Ceramic Bird Bath will let you enjoy the tranquil sounds of this sophisticated outdoor fountain. This will bring you the benefits of water fountain while having a unique piece in your home or garden. This fountain also acts as a natural humidifier through the constant release of small water particles in the air.


Alpine Ceramic Bird Bath



The Alpine Ceramic Bird Bath is made from ceramic, its glossy polish makes it ore eye-catching. It’s the best way to attract wildlife to your garden. The harmony and tranquility surrounding this wonderful creation is worth the money spent on it.


Achla Designs Polished Copper Birdbath



The Achla Designs Polished Copper Birdbath is  brilliant 16-Inch diameter by 4-Inch diameter hammered stainless steel birdbath with copper plating and will be an instant conversation piece amongst your guests.