A well kept garden is a joy to behold.  A garden delights the senses and refreshes one’s energy. It adds beauty, color and life to your home.  A garden also provides another venue for you to do family activities like having a picnic on a weekend, entertaining friends or just quietly reading a book while sitting on a hammock under the tree or on a bench beside the water  fountain. Carefully chosen outdoor garden accessories will add to the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.


1. Garden Outdoor Fountains

Bubbling Rock Outdoor Garden Fountain
Dimensions: 25″H x 18″W x 18″D
Weight: 128 lbs

Garden outdoor fountains are beautiful pieces of art that are ideal to place anywhere you need to breathe new life into a space.


2. Solar Lights

Globe Solar Light

The easiest way to elevate the safety of your yard, add ambiance, outline your property or provide a way to easily find your driveway or walkway in the dark is with solar lights.


3. Garden Statuary

Angelica Angel
Size: H 18 ½” x W 12″ x BW 5 ½”


There is no easier way to add a substantial amount of charm and personality to your yard or garden than by simply adding a garden statuary.


4. Outdoor Canvass Art


Lavendar Sunrise Outdoor Canvas Art
Dimension: 30″ x 40″ x 1.5″


If you are looking for that one perfect element to complete the look of your patio or deck, outdoor canvas art  just might be the missing component that you need to tie the space together.


5. Fire Pits or Outdoor Fireplaces

Real Flame Lafayette Fire Pit
Dimension: 33.6”L x 17.9”H x 33.6”W
Weight: 50.13 lbs.


An outdoor fireplace is a great way to add warmth and style to your patio. Outdoor fireplaces comes in gas, gel, and wood.