Do you ever wonder why spas, massage parlors, and even east-inspired restaurants take pride in the experience? It’s because Zen is the name of the game. Zen is associated with tranquility, meditation, or something that connotes peace and calm. While you may not have the whole nine yards of a Zen space, you can still opt to accentuate your living space with Zen bonsai trees because there’s nothing like a petite beauty of nature.

Your Top 5 Zen Bonsai Trees are:

1.  Sago Palm Indoor Bonsai Tree

2.  5 Year Green Mound Juniper in Rock Container

3. 7 Year Chinese Ligustrum Outdoor Bonsai Tree

4.  10 Year Chinese Elm Cascade Bonsai Tree

5.  10 Year Japanese Maple Outdoor Bonsai Tree