Some people simply put a few chairs on their patio, and they are ready for spring. You can enjoy your outdoor living space even if it is not decorated thoughtfully, but why would you want to? This space should be an extension of your home. This is your opportunity to have a little fun with colors, patterns, and décor pieces that will not complement the inside of your home. You do not need a huge budget either. You may be surprised at what you can find at a reasonable price. Below are thoughtful extras that will add the finishing touch to your patio and landscaping.

Garden Planters

Garden planters should be thought of as an investment. You can buy fairly cheap plastic ones in the store that are “cute,” but by mid-season they are already starting to fade, and may even be cracked from the dog knocking them over. It is not his fault they are so light!

Rather than buy cheap garden planters that you need to replace at least once a season, purchase quality ones instead. Those made of cast stone are ideal. Plus, you will not have to feel bad about all that plastic ending up in landfills.

Garden Statuary

One can never have too much garden statuary. You can place pieces on your patio and porch, and in your garden and flower beds. You can even put one by the mailbox to make your mailperson smile every day. There are small unexpected details that catch the eye and make the space more interesting. Hot trends in garden statuary include Buddha heads, fairies, gargoyles, and globe stakes. The great thing about statuary is that it does not all have to match!

Outdoor Canvas Art

Most people do not even know outdoor canvas art exists, so when you add it to your outdoor living space; you create a nice “wow” factor. These pieces look just as nice as a painting you would hang inside your home except they are given a special coating that makes them weather and UV-resistant. They simply mount on the exterior wall of your home, garage, shed, or cabana.


 Outdoor rugs will invite guests to kick off their shoes and welcome sun on their toes. You may be quite surprised at how extensive the selection of outdoor rugs actually is. Some are nice enough to fit right in even the most well-appointed indoor space, only they are made for the outdoors, and easily spray off with a garden hose