When you add light to your landscaping it makes your outdoor living space more inviting. You will have no reason to rush indoors when it gets dark, if you have enough light to feel safe and comfortable. Not to mention, the right lighting can really bring your property to life when the sun gets down.


  • Solar Lamps – These will be your go-to lighting solution because solar lamps are practical, stylish, and provide lots of light. You can find classic ones with lamps that adorn tall posts or you can get some that just mount on an exterior wall of your home or garage, too. These are perfect to place by the door, so you can see while you are fumbling for your keys.


  • String Lights – Creating a fun, party atmosphere is as simple as hanging a few strands of sting lights. These offer an affordable way to surround your deck or patio with lighting.


  • Glow Stones – Glow-in-the-dark pebbles are fun for walkways, but they can really be expensive for a larger area. Fill shallow dishes with them to line a walkway or act as a centerpiece at your table instead. They change during the day and glow for hours every night.


    • Fountains – Some water fountains have LEDs that will add a subtle amount of light to their surrounding environment. These can look really magical surrounded by ferns or other lush plants.


    • Moon Lighting – You can have a professional add lighting about 40 feet up to create a moonlight- like feel. If you have a lot of mature trees this can give your space an enchanted vibe.


    • Solar Stakes – These are often a preferred choice for lining walkways and marking flowerbeds and perimeters. Solar stakes are available in a huge variety of styles and price ranges. So, whether you prefer the look of a classic lantern or you want some type of cute animal that lights up, you will have no problem finding solar stakes you love.


    • Solar Powered Motion Sensors – You probably don’t want lights completely surrounding your house, but you would like to know if there is someone outside a window, especially if you have children. Weatherproof, solar-powered motion sensor lights are ideal.


    • Candles – From tea lights in paper lanterns to Mason jar votive holders hung from trees, there are a ton of things you can do with candles. Just be careful because although candles are small, they can still be dangerous.