Some people try to create an upscale outdoor living space that is just as elegant as the interior of their home. Not you! You are focused on creating a casual vibe. You want a space people just want to lounge around in, even when “people” only means you. Below are a few necessities to put on your shopping list, if the tranquil yet casual look is what you are going for.

Hammocks with Stand

Nothing in the world can beat a nap on a hammock. Of course, lying on one under the stars just relaxing is amazing, too, but don’t forget to apply bug spray in case you fall asleep. Thanks to hammocks with stand included options, you don’t need two perfectly spaces trees. Enjoy it under a shade tree during the day and then pull it out under the stars or by the bonfire at night.


You can literally overdose on water features, and no one will be complaining. Cascading water creates a resort-like environment and acts as a noise barrier for increased privacy. Make one your focal point on the patio and then use one as the centerpiece of your garden. Thanks to solar varieties, you can place them virtually anywhere around your property.

Oversized Toys and Games

If you have children, you might as well make the yard super family-friendly. After all, if you are going to be lounging in your hammock on your day off, you want them to put down their electronic gadgets for a bit to hang out back there with you.

Use stepping stones to create hopscotch steps, or build a super-sized chess game. Add an outdoor projector for movie nights that everyone will want to attend. You can even create a putting green, and while you are at it, would it be asking too much to build a treehouse?

Heat Source

Fire pits, chimineas, bio ethanol fireplaces, and patio heaters are all great ways to provide warmth when the sun goes down. The great thing about having a small bio fuel fireplace is you can always carry it out to enjoy by your hammock, and then take it with you when you go inside for the night.

Comfy Deck

Create a living room-like environment on your deck. When guests come over, you can all just sit back and relax. Choose comfortable outdoor sofas and bean bags. Buy a large rug, so toes don’t get burned on the hot deck, and add as many umbrellas as it takes to provide all seats with shade.