The more comfortable your outdoor living space is the more likely you are to get the most out of it. Sure, you will still sit out there if there are only a table and a few chairs, but you will actually make an excuse to be outside if you are able to kick back and enjoy the space as much as the living room inside your home. You will also find your friends and family may pop over a little more often. Below are a few essentials worth investing in.

Gel Tabletop Fireplaces

You may be thinking that if you are going to shop for gel tabletop fireplaces it will be for the inside of your home, but there is no reason why you can’t enjoy one outside. It will be a nice décor piece for your patio, and it will provide a warm heat source for when the sun goes down. Gel tabletop fireplaces also create ambiance and provide a bit of light for increased safety. When you go indoors you can always take it in with you to continue to enjoy.

Patio Heater

If you have a very large patio or you live somewhere with a cooler climate a patio heater is essential. This will warm your space, so you can be outdoors even in the spring and fall when nights are still chilly. Some patio heaters even have a built in table for guests to place their drinks on.

Comfortable Seating

There is no rule that says you need to have a traditional table and chairs. You do not even need a regular sofa or loveseat. Why not buy seating that no one will want to get out of? Hammock chairs are ideal for the patio. You may want to also consider bean bag chairs. As long as they have a waterproof liner and machine-washable cover you can enjoy these fun and super cozy chairs outside.

Outdoor Refrigerator

Why walk inside every time someone needs a water, soda, or beer? A small outdoor fridge on the patio is exactly what you need. Keep it stocked all the time, so when folks pop by you are always prepared to entertain. If you get a large enough one you can keep bowls of fresh fruit or other snacks inside. Since everyone typically finishes their drink at a separate time, having easy access to refreshments will save you from walking back and forth a lot. Plus, a small fridge typically does not draw much power, so you can plug it into an inverter hooked up to a solar panel, and not even use electricity. This makes it convenient for power outages, too.