If you are finally ready to replace that old boring furniture with pieces that are fun, stylish, and youthful, you may want to skip options that sit on the floor. Hanging furniture not only creates an exciting visual display; it is also pretty cool to sit in. Not to mention, the empty space between the bottom of the furniture and the floor allows positive energy to flow freely through a room, according to feng shui practitioners. Below are a few popular options sure to breathe new life into your home.


Hammock Chairs – You really cannot go wrong with hammock chairs. Although you can suspend them from overhead rafters and beams, most people simply purchase a stand that the chair hangs from. These are available in rope and fabric varieties, and are one of the most affordable options in the hanging furniture market. They are ideal for any room, especially the living room, sun room, and media room. Of course, the best place for one is the nursery. Skip the rocking chair and opt for a hammock chair instead.


    Bed – Move over platform beds; there is a new contemporary bed option in town! Floating beds look spectacular, but if you tend to roll around in your sleep, be warned that you have a pretty big drop, should you roll off the bed in the middle of the night. It will definitely hurt.


      Rattan Chairs – Rattan chairs have a really cool 70s vibe about them, especially if you add a furry seat. They also look really great paired with rope chair hammocks. The wood and rope work together to create a nice rustic feel.


        Bubble Chair – If your home looks like it belongs in a contemporary magazine, the space age design of the Aarnio Bubble Chair will fit right in. Be prepared to dig deep in your pockets though, because these artistic pieces start at around $6K.


          Bunk Beds – What kids wouldn’t be over the moon with excitement over hanging bunk beds? Plus, their friends will all be jealous. A safety railing is highly recommended for the top bunk.


            Swing – Yes, swings! If you have a heavy duty rafter, you might as well make the most of it with a few wooden swings. Guests will be fighting over the best seat in the house. Of course, if you have kids, this is where they will want to spend all their free time.