There is so much more that you can do with your flower garden that you probably are not even aware of. Seriously, the sky is the limit! Do not just stop with planting flowers. You can turn that outdoor space into an artistic display that will invoke a smile every time you look at it. It will certainly become a topic of conversation with your guests, too.

Garden Statuary – You can create a theme or simply allow your personality to shine through with garden statuary. If you have an Asian-inspired outdoor living space or if you meditate or do yoga by the garden you might want to add a Buddha or pagoda statue. Alternately, maybe you want an unexpected gargoyle amidst your delicate flowers just to spice things up a bit.
Edging – There really needs to be some sort of definition where your lawn ends and garden begins. You can buy rolls of edging in different colors, and it is fairly inexpensive. Alternately, you could use bricks, scalloped edging, wood logs, and short fencing. You can even use branches or rocks if you do not want to spend money on it.
Solar Fountain – You really need a small solar water fountain to be the focal point of the garden. This will make your garden even more inviting to pollinators, which in return will equal a more beautiful garden. Plus, as the water evaporates it will provide a little moisture to surrounding flowers on a hot day.
Solar Lights – A few solar lights will help increase security. Not only will this help ensure guests walk around the edging in the dark; lighting makes a property less attractive to thieves. On top of that, the light will highlight the flowers even in the darkness.
Mulch – Unless you really love pulling weeds you will want to provide your garden with some mulch. Now, if you have a wildflower garden then you may welcome the natural grasses and invasive species. However, if you have planted flowers and plants, mulch is essential. Plus, it helps the soil retain moisture and keeps roots cooler on a hot day.
Wind Spinners – A garden is not complete without a wind spinner. You can find them made in every shape, animal, color, and material imaginable. Budget-friendly ones are typically made of plastic, but if you do not mind splurging, copper and wood ones are really nice.