If you are like many others you spend more time on your front porch than your patio. Sure, the backyard is nice when you want to have privacy, but the front yard is where you get to see all the neighborhood action. Maybe you love to sit out there on the weekends and read the paper with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or perhaps you sit there so you can watch your little one bike back and forth on the sidewalk. Maybe your front porch is just larger than your back patio! Whatever the case is, below are some essentials that a porch needs for lounging.

Comfortable Seating

If you are going to relax here you might as well buy the most comfortable seating possible. Hammock swings are absolutely perfect, especially if you don’t have a covered porch to protect against rain. These fun seats can hang from their own stand, and won’t be bothered by a passing shower. Of course, a traditional porch swing or slider would be nice, too. If you do have a covered porch, then you may also want to consider a rocking chair or even a bean bag chair with a waterproof liner.

Outdoor Rugs

Large, beautiful, colorful outdoor rugs will turn that porch into an exciting lounging space. They are available in every color and pattern you can think of. You will be grateful when you can kick off your shoes and step on a soft surface. Plus, outdoor rugs can really improve curb appeal.

Bird Essentials

If you are going to sit outside you might as well be entertained by feathered friends. Bird feeders and a birdbath are essential. Do make sure that you spray the birdbath out daily and add fresh water. Stagnant water is not nice to look at, and it can make the birds sick. Plus, it will attract mosquitoes.

Water Fountains

There is nothing quite like the sound of cascading water. A small garden fountain in a flower bed will help create a soothing environment. Do make sure that you check the water level daily, especially during the hot months. The pump cannot work properly if it is not fully submerged. Keep in mind that water evaporates, so the hotter and drier it is the faster it will evaporate and need to be replenished.


If you do not have a covered porch or large shade tree then a patio umbrella will be an essential item to buy. Those warm sun rays will feel great for a few minutes, but then they will start straining your eyes and making it uncomfortable to sit out there. Not to mention, they are damaging to your skin. An umbrella will make your porch shady and comfortable. You can always set the stand in the flower bed next to the porch and tilt it over your seating area if you are short on “floor” space.