Many people do not realize that there are outdoor pieces that are as functional and practical as double duty furnishings used inside the home. These are things that you really get your money’s worth out of because they play different roles. If you like the idea of making the most of your outdoor furniture and décor, you will love the items on this list.

Fire Tables – Who knew a gorgeous, modern fire element could be so practical? Just as their name implies, fire tables incorporate an eco-friendly fireplace with a table. This brings new meaning to “sitting around a fire.” Since these fires are smokeless you can gather around the table with friends and not end up with smoke in your eyes every time the wind blows. Plus, everyone has a place to set their drink. Obviously, when  it is not lit it is a fully functioning table.
Patio Heaters – Not all patio heaters serve an alternative purpose. In fact, most don’t. However, there are some available that have a table around them. These are super popular for patios at bars, clubs, and other social environments.
Bench – Do you have a bench in your entryway that hides all the hats and mittens? Perhaps there is one in your child’s room that holds toys. Well, an outdoor bench with storage capabilities is perfect for the patio, too. Pillows, blankets, citronella candles, plastic cups, and napkins can all be stored inside the bench. Just make sure you do not keep anything opened in there that bugs can get at.
Overhead Rafters – Okay, obviously overhead rafters are not classified as furniture or décor, but they do serve a few purposes. First, they add a very cool gazebo effect to your deck or patio. Second, you can install waterproof fabric between the rafters to provide shade. Third, install heavy duty hooks in the rafters for a vertical garden or to hang paper lanterns for a party.
Decorative Rugs – The selection of gorgeous outdoor rugs has grown significantly in recent years. Simply putting a small rug in front of the door is no longer acceptable. Large decorative rugs add the perfect finishing touch on your outdoor space. They hide dirty concrete or faded and peeling decking and they prevent toes and paws from being burnt on the hot surface. If you place a path of rugs you don’t even need to wear your flip-flops out there.