Many people are under the impression that they only need outdoor patio furniture covers for winter storage. This is absolutely not true. Covers are just as important to have and use spring through fall as well. Fortunately, if you shop online you can find some high-quality products at a reasonable price for all of your furniture and décor pieces.


You may already have a cover for your chaise or table and chairs, and that is great! This means you are a step ahead of the game! However, if you evaluate the components of your outdoor living space, you will find that there are a lot of other things you have that need protecting.




Veranda Patio Table and Chair Set Cover


You may be surprised at what a huge selection of outdoor patio furniture covers you can find.

 Chairs – If you have a patio chair of any sort, it should be covered when not in use. This will minimize fading from the sun, and protect it from environmental elements. You can find covers for rockers and swings too.


    Chaise – You already know that chaise loungers are pretty expensive, especially outdoor ones. It only makes sense to cover it up to ensure that it lasts more than a couple seasons.


       Table and Chairs – Table and chair sets are typically the most neglected pieces of outdoor furniture. Some people feel that if they bought a super cheap set that it doesn’t really need to be covered. This makes no sense. Others feel that these patio furniture covers are a hassle. Quite honestly, it takes less time to remove one large cover than it does to scrub the bird droppings and dead bugs off the table and wipe the morning dew off the seats.


         Odds-and-Ends – Whether you have a bench, ottoman or some other furniture pieces, you should be able to find a cover to protect it.




        Terrazzo Patio Umbrella Cover
        Fits Most Patio and Market Umbrellas up to 10 feet in diameter

         Umbrellas – Most people are forced to replace their umbrella far sooner than they should have to simply because it gets damaged, or it looks old. A simple cover will keep it in good shape.



          Veranda Standup Patio Heater CoverPatio Heaters – When you are not using your heater, it should be protected. They are not made to weather the storm or constantly deal with dust and dirt. These covers slip on and off easily, keeping the heater bone dry and ready to use.



            Veranda Elite Round Fire Pit CoverFire Pit – Have you ever gone to use your fire pit, but found it was all soggy from the rain the night before or earlier in the day? Have you went out to enjoy your patio and had ash and soot blown in your face from a gust of wind? Fire pits are meant to be covered when not in use.