One of the most dynamic elements that you can add to your deck, patio, pool area, cabana or balcony is a piece of outdoor wall art. It is one of those unexpected elements that really draws the eyes and becomes the topic of conversation, mainly because of the element of surprise. Few people will come to your outdoor living space expecting to see art that is stunning enough for the inside of your home mounted outside to face the elements. Plus, since many people do not even know that outdoor wall art exists, you may become just a little more interesting in their eyes for being ahead of the times. You may even impress the in-laws who seem to find fault in your every move.


Hanging Grapes Outdoor Canvas Art


What is Outdoor Wall Art?


If you are newly being introduced to outdoor canvas art, then you might be a little skeptical. You may be wondering if it will fade, or if you will need to bring it inside with every passing shower. Should it be stored inside and only brought out when guests arrive? Will you be able to clean it, if it is blessed with bird droppings?


Well, to set your mind at ease, these pieces of art may look like exquisite paintings you would hang in your home, but they are made for the outdoors. They are given a special coating that protects against environmental elements and resists fading. If it gets dirty, a little soapy water and a damp sponge will have it looking like new again.


Where Should You Put One?


The first thing you will need to decide is where you plan on putting one. You will obviously need a wall, so the exterior of your house, garage or pool house will work. If you have a large outdoor living space that offers multiple walls, you most certainly can have more than one canvas too.


Choosing the Right One


You will quickly find that there is a large variety of outdoor wall art to choose from in an array of themes, including rivers and streams, beaches, building, trees, wilderness, wildlife and more. The most important thing to remember is that your decision needs to be based on other décor pieces you have. You may fall in love with that canvas showcasing the Eiffel Tower, but if you have a safari theme outdoors then that painting will become an eyesore. These pieces of art naturally become a focal point, so make sure you choose one that will complement the space beautifully.