You can have the most beautiful landscaping and gorgeous outdoor furniture imaginable, but if your outdoor space is not inviting and comfortable you may have folks making excuses to not come over. You might not even want to spend as much time out there as you thought you would, and you may not even be able to figure out why. The following things will ensure that you and your guests enjoy a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Provide Shade

If you only shop for one thing on this list make it patio umbrellas. This will prove to be one element that you never want to be without again. Even on a mild day it can feel significantly warmer when you are just sitting there, baking in the sun. Not to mention, you have to squint to see, which will be very irritating for contact lens wearers, and it will contribute to wrinkles around the eyes. Patio umbrellas provide shade, protect against UV rays, and create a cooler sitting area. Make sure the one you buy is large enough to keep all guests comfortable.

Soften the Floor

There is nothing appealing or comfortable about concrete. Outdoor decorative rugs essentially create an outdoor room. Plus, you will be able to kick off your shoes and relax barefoot, without worrying about stepping on something sharp or burning your toes on a hot deck.

Provide Warmth

You don’t want your guests to leave just because the temperatures dip a little when the sun goes down. A bio ethanol fireplace, patio heater, or fire table will provide enough warmth to keep everyone comfortable.

Illuminate the Space

The fireplace will provide a little light, but not enough to make the space feel cozy or help prevent folks from tripping over the stairs. Solar lights should line walkways, and lanterns can be suspended from tree branches or overhead rafters.

Misting Fan

If you live somewhere that often sees really scorching temperatures, consider a misting fan. Surely you have been in a long line at an amusement park where you were hot and miserable, and then you get to the strategically placed misting fans, and your entire attitude changed. This is the same effect a misting fan will have on your patio.

Bug Prevention

The market is saturated with countless products to keep bugs away. Stock up on citronella candles, mosquito coils, and any other products you stumble upon, so you are always prepared to entertain in a pest-free environment.