Does the idea of lying in a hammock tied between two palm trees on a pristine white sand beach get you excited? Add in the sound of emerald waves kissing the shoreline paired with a gentle breeze, and you have paradise. Well, although you can’t necessarily turn your yard into a deserted island, you can easily create your own tranquil oasis, and you do not even need trees to make it happen.

The key element here is the hammock. If you have one, you can imagine the rest. Although, a water fountain placed somewhere close will give you the soothing sound you are looking for.


Types of Hammocks

Many still close their eyes and imagine a white rope hammock like Gilligan used after being shipwrecked. Classic styles are still very popular today. However, if you prefer rope, you are no longer limited to white varieties. Rope styles come in an array of colors. You can also choose between cotton, polyester, or a blend. You do not need two trees either. Many can be fastened to a stand. These sturdy stands have a wide base that keeps you from tipping, yet still allow you to gently rock to sleep.


Not everyone loves the look or feel of rope. If this sounds like you then fabric hammocks may be very appealing to you. Water-resistant, breathable fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns look great and are easy on your skin.


If you really want to be pampered, focus your attention onquilted hammock varieties. Although not typically all that easy to find, the Soothing Company carries an impressive selection of them. You will feel your body literally melt into them. Some are even reversible, which is perfect for anyone who likes to switch things up, when it comes to their décor. Like rope and fabric varieties, these can be attached to hammock stands.

Chairs and Extras

Not all hammocks are designed to lie down on. There are rope, fabric, and quilted chair varieties available. These are fun, comfortable, and durable seating solutions for your patio, covered porch, sunroom, media room, and dorm room.

Even if you have two trees, you should consider a hammock stand. It is nice to be able to move from the sun to the shade to the bonfire pit or anywhere else you want to go. If you have one tree, you can also purchase a single pole that will act as a second tree. Of course, the most important accessory you will buy is a pillow. Hammock pillows come in different sizes and colors and are weather-resistant. Many tie right to the spreader bar, so you do not have to worry about the wind blowing them away.