Make your garden or backyard your own personal oasis where you can get back in touch with nature by adding your favorite animal statuary.  These carefully crafted cast stone garden statues can also be used to personalize your outdoor sanctuary with a touch of wild and natural beauty. Animal statuaries  add character to your outdoor space and will charm your guests. Place it nestled amongst the plants, besides a water feature or pond or tuck it away in a forgotten patio corner, these delightful animal statuaries are sure to lend a touch of cheer.


The Champion will make the perfect fit for someone in your life. It is a beautiful and majestic bust of a horse; place it outdoors for an elegant focal point, or perhaps on a shelf for added decoration. This also makes a great gift idea for any horse lover.

Queenie Cat

Small in size, but big on character, the Queenie Cat will add a fanciful touch to your garden. Her majestic personality shines so clearly through in this wonderful statuary, sure to be recognized by all cat lovers. The premium cast stone construction and authentic finish will ensure that this playful statue will enhance your décor for years to come.

Proud Pup 

This adorable, cast stone Proud Pup will add a fanciful touch to your garden. You will look at this adorable statue and think of your very own puppy, carrying a stick, and begging you to play with him. Enrich any outdoor setting with this one of a kind statue.


The Seahorse will add an element of playfulness to your own garden or yard. Head tucked and tail curled, this magnificent, cast stone statue makes a wonderful accent for a pond or pool area. Your guests will delight in the seahorse’s grace beautifully captured in this garden statue.

Birds On A Log  

This friendly Birds On A Log will give your porch or patio a warm welcome. It’s incredible detailing will make everyone wish they had their own. Enjoy the character this wonderful garden statue will add to your setting.

Merrie Little Owl

The Merrie Little Owlis sure to bring a smile to each and every garden visitor’s face. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of this piece is exceptional. This beautiful statue is available in your choice of distinct finishes.

Rabbit On A Rock 

Delightfully appealing, the Rabbit On A Rockwill liven up any water pond, patio, or garden. This ultra strong quality garden statue represents the highest level of design, engineering, construction, and materials. Make a unique personal statement in your home or garden.

Tortuga Turtle 

This detailed Tortuga Turtle will make an exciting focal point when placed in a flower bed amongst your beautiful blooms, causing viewers to be quite surprised at the lifelike appearance of this little statue. Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States from premium cast stone concrete.

Sleeping Fawn 

Add a whimsical touch to your home or garden with this charming Sleeping Fawn. Full of intricate detail, it will look wonderful on a pedestal out amongst your garden blooms and greens, or on a patio setting. Constructed from premium fiber reinforced cast stone concrete, this quality garden statue represents the highest level of design, engineering, construction, and materials.

Old Crabby 

The adorable cast stone Old Crabby will add a fanciful touch to your garden. Looking as if he is daring someone to “make his day,” this grouchy old crab keeps an eye out from his favorite rock. The ideal size for any garden, this little creature is small enough to fit into smaller patio and terrace landscape themes, yet large enough to be noticed wherever you place it.


Place the Dragonfly within your home or yards to always have a friend watching over you. This beautiful statue sits upon a replica of a rock, just as you would see him in your back yard. This hand crafted statue is perfect addition for any garden or home.

Cat Chasing Ball 

This Cat Chasing Ball is sure to add an interesting and exciting feature to your garden setting. This statue is sure to get noticed and be enjoyed by all, it also makes a really nice and unique gift as well. It makes an adorable and fun display for your home or garden.


Notice the exceptional detail in this beautiful Snail! The shell of this refined statue has a subtle ribbed texture with curving lines that lead to the center of its spiral shell. Exceptional detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in this magnificent piece.

Autumn Chipmunk 

A wonderful way to welcome your guests, the Autumn Chipmunk is a charming addition to any home, garden, or patio. Gathering nuts for the winter, the statue carries his bounty in his little arms as he sits atop a small rock. Add a whimsical touch to your home or garden with this charming accent piece.


From the detail in the facial features of the Penguin down to his feet, this statue is sure to be a favorite in your home or garden. This adorable, cast stone statue will add a fanciful touch to your garden. Imagine this one of a kind statue greeting every visitor who walks into your home!


With the wide selections available for the Mousie you can make him look just like you’ve very own pet! He is designed to appear like as a real mouse, and features stunning attention to detail. The perfect gift or addition to your home.

The Thinking Man’s Frog

The Thinking Man’s Frog is a beautiful statue that will be a welcome addition to your yard. An amphibian version of Rodin’s “The Thinker,” it will liven up any water pond, patio, or garden. The rich detail is evident in every element of this magnificent cast stone statue.