Solar lights are some of the most important décor pieces you can buy for your home. Now, you are probably thinking an outdoor light is hardly considered décor, right? Well, when you browse the selection we have here at the Soothing Company, you will realize that there are certainly plenty available that are more than capable of giving the exterior of your home or your property an instant facelift.


Why Buy Solar Lights?


Obviously, the main reason to shop for solar lights is so you can see where you are going, right? You may be surprised, but there are other reasons why these lights are essential to add to your property.


Naturally, the main reason is to reduce accidents. You may know there are three steps leading to your porch or that there is an uneven sidewalk, but guests don’t. They will appreciate the light more than they might even realize.


Since solar lights are powered by the sun’s rays they can be placed anywhere that receives sunshine. When you are not tied to an electrical outlet or extension cord, you are granted a great level of flexibility. Now you can put lights in those dark and awkward areas at the back of your property or up by the road. This also means that if there is a power outage, your property will not be pitch black. A little light will take the edge off the creepiness that often comes along with a power outage.


Also, a well-lit property is very unattractive to thieves. It is pretty hard to sneak into a window or pick a lock on a door without being seen by neighbors on a well-lit property. This also means there is less risk of someone waiting in the bushes when you get home. An illuminated property is safer; plain and simple.


Shopping Guide


We have a wide variety of solar lights here at Soothing Company, so there is something for everyone. The best thing to do is walk your property at night and determine where light is most needed. Against the house and by the doors is obvious, but there are probably other locations that could benefit from them, as well. You may want to line your driveway, walkways, flowerbeds, and deck perimeter with them. You might also want to have some placed sporadically throughout your property.


We do have those classic lantern styles you can mount right to your home and garage, and there are also some that mount seamlessly to a fence, such as our Solar Warning Light Angle Install.


The solar lamp posts we have can be placed anywhere. They are ideal for large properties. They are rust-resistant, durable, and some can even be bolted down.