Whether you have moved into your first house or if you simply want to give your outdoor living space a makeover this year, you probably have a lot of things you want to buy. Now, if you are like most, you likely also have a budget you would like to not exceed. So, how do you decide what things to spend the bulk of the money on? This list should help.


1. Outdoor Furniture – The outdoor furniture you purchase will be the foundation of the space. Do not buy based on what you think is expected or “normal.” Choose pieces that make you happy and that you will get the most use out of. You do not need to have a traditional table and chairs just because everyone else you know does. Maybe you would be happiest with a wrought iron bench and a couple of rocking chairs.


2. Fountains – To create a truly tranquil environment that you love to relax in you will need water fountains. You really cannot have too many either, so do not worry about going overboard. Put one on your patio as a focal point and then add a few small ones to your garden and flower beds. Not only will they instantly relax you; they will also help mask some of that undesirable noise coming from the neighborhood.


3. Fireplace – Some people do not even add an outdoor fireplace to their shopping list because they assume they are just too expensive. Well, you might be quite surprised at how affordable these functional pieces of art are. If you want a wood-burning fire then a firepit or chiminea will be perfect. If you prefer an environmentally-friendly option, opt for a tabletop or freestanding bio ethanol or gel fuel one. You never have to be forced indoors just because it gets a little cool outside.


4. Umbrella – Your outdoor living space absolutely needs shade. Even if you are a sun lover you need a little relief from those hot rays at some point. Plus, your fair-skinned guests will certainly appreciate shade, as well. There are a lot of umbrellas on the market. Do not make the mistake of choosing a cheap one just to save a few dollars. This should be one of your splurges. Make sure it is quality, and that it covers the sitting area. One that can be tilted is ideal.


5. Plants – If you already have gorgeous gardens then maybe you do not need to spend money on plants. However, a little living art will change the look and feel of your patio. Buy that gorgeous planter you have your eye on. If you have a railing you can buy planters that sit over the railing, as well. You can even hang baskets of flowering plants from overhead branches or hooks.