Trees are pieces of art that bring your outdoor living space to life. Although they are beautiful all on their own you can enhance their beauty by hanging certain things from them. So, now they offer art and shade, and serve a helpful decorating purpose. Whether you have one favorite tree or if you are blessed with several, below are a few things you can hang from them to make use of strong branches.

1. Hammock Chairs – Most people who have hammock chairs simply hang them from a stand, but if you have a nice strong tree you might as well use it. Just imagine relaxing in your chair under the shade while you read a book and drink some lemonade. Plus, if your tree umbrellas over the patio, this is an easy way to add more seating to the area without taking up “floor” space.

2. Herb Garden – Whether you are short on space in the garden or you simply want to create a charming visual display you cannot go wrong with hanging containers with potted herbs. On a side note, mosquitoes hate rosemary, so this is an excellent herb to scatter around generously.

3. Bird Feeders – You can never have too many bird feeders. They are decorative on their own, but the fact that they invite living art to your space makes them even more attractive. Keep in mind that some birds prefer specific feeders and food, so if you are trying to attract certain species then you will want to choose these elements thoughtfully.
4. Paper Lanterns – You can choose from an array of colors, sizes, and styles. Not only do paper lanterns look fantastic in any outdoor living space, they also provide lighting which increases safety. Some come on a string that needs to be plugged in while others are solar-powered and hang individually. Solar varieties are generally a little more expensive, but they provide a lot more decorating flexibility, too, because you can hang them far away from outlets, and not fuss with extension cords.
Bunting – Most people think of bunting as being temporary and used for special occasions, but it doesn’t have to be. You can find handmade decorative outdoor bunting in every color and pattern imaginable at arts and crafts shows. Some local artists will even design the bunting for you based on your vision. You may even be able to check with a local printing shop to see if they can create something for you.