You might be saying that your garden cannot possibly look any better than it does at this very moment. You carefully planned ahead, so all your plants are balanced, and there is always something blooming. So, you may already have an enchanted display. After all, nothing can compare with natural beauty. However, there are a few elements that can take that stunning visual display to the next level. You might not believe it now, but you will as soon as you add one of these elements.


1. Solar Garden Stakes – Do your flowers pretty much become invisible at night? They just fade into the darkness, totally unappreciated until day break. Solar garden stakes change everything. Place them amongst blooming flowers, so even at night you can see their beauty. Since solar garden stakes feature LEDs, you don’t have to worry about a hot light casing bothering delicate flowers. When placed along edges of flower beds they reduce the risk of guests trampling them in the darkness, too.


2. Solar Fountains – You very well may already have a gorgeous water feature on your deck or patio. You might even have a large tiered one acting as a focal point in your front yard. This is great, but you can never have too many. A solar fountain placed in a garden or flowerbed breathes new life into the space, even if you didn’t think it needed it. Plus, it will attract pollinators to drink, which is always good news for blooming plants.

3. Statuary – Everything from garden gnomes to frogs to gargoyles falls in this category. There is nothing quite like walking along a sidewalk and noticing a charming piece or statuary in a totally unexpected place. Even if you are the only person to ever see it, it is sure to invoke a smile.


4. Toad Habitat – It does not matter if you buy or build a toad habitat, it will definitely be the topic of conversation with your guests. Toad habitats are super trendy right now. You can even create a small pond to complement the house, and there are a ton of tutorials online for creating one. Toads are the easiest method for keeping damaging insect populations under control.


5. Fairy Garden – Like toad habitats, fairy gardens are on everyone’s to-do list these days. You can set a planter, or whatever you want to use, on the soil, and create your fairy garden on it.