They say that if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. This goes for furniture and décor, too. Of course, the five elements on this list never really went “out” of style; they are simply seeing a huge rebirth in popularity.


  • Benches – These pieces are so popular because they are simple but stylish, and interesting yet practical. Benches are ideal to place virtually anywhere. Nicer ones with swing canopies or those made of eucalyptus can be used as your primary seating on your patio or covered front porch. Those made of wrought iron are perfect to use to create a sitting area in the middle of a flower garden. Some people also like to put them by the backdoor or in the mudroom so everyone has something to sit on while putting on or taking off shoes. You do not even need to use benches for their intended purpose. Many simply use one as an accent piece in their landscaping.


  • Chimineas – Years ago you could visit every home in any neighborhood and you would find a large percentage with a chiminea fireplace. Of course, back then they were made of clay or terra cotta and often cracked with time from the heat. Once they cracked, many folks used them as planters or decoration in the garden. Modern chimineas made of cast aluminum, and are gorgeous and much more durable than early styles.


  • Lanterns – There is something about a lantern that is very inviting. Lanterns were replaced with more modern lighting solutions for a while but they are back and better than ever, because now they come in solar varieties. These practical lighting solutions are powered by the sun’s rays. This means they go anywhere. You do not need an electrical outlet or extension cord, and you don’t have to worry about seeing an increase in your bill.


  • Rain Barrel – It is a shame that people simply forget about rain barrels for a very long time. Sure, some folks have continued to use them all this time, but most haven’t. Interestingly, some of the younger generation thinks this is a new concept! As society becomes increasingly concerned with natural resources and water conservation they look for ways to do their part. A rain barrel is a positive change that is easy to use. Plus, today they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some even have wheels to drag around your yard to water your flowers.


  • Weathervane – Even folks who have no idea what a weathervane is meant to be used for are adding them to their landscaping. Modern weathervanes are available in an assortment of styles. Old ones often had a rooster on top. Although rooster weathervanes are still available, there are also some that showcase a dog, cat, witch, eagle, American flag, sailboat, golfer, horse, fish, angle, biplane, rifle, wine bottle, martini glass, and motorcycle, just to name a few.