Ways to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Some people want to attract birds to their property simply because they enjoy watching them. It can be very soothing. Plus, if you have kids, it gives them the chance to develop a deeper appreciation of nature. Others welcome birds because they are good for the garden. Many people are not aware that birds even provide a garden with benefits. Birds eat insects and feed on certain weeds. Some species, such as orioles and hummingbirds, are great pollinators. Not to mention, just watching their habits and listening to them sing is proven to decrease stress. Other birds that are very beneficial to your garden include bluebirds, chickadees, nighthawks, nuthatches, phoebes, sparrows, swallows, vireos, and wrens. Below are some tips for making your property more attractive to these bird populations.

Birdbath Fountains 

First of all, adding any birdbath to your garden is better than having no birdbath at all. Birds need access to clean drinking water year-round. That being said, they are even more attracted to birdbath fountains. Like countless other animal species, they love the moving water. Plus, the water in these types of baths don’t get dirty as fast because it isn’t permitted to sit there and get stagnant. So, if you have a birdbath fountain and your neighbor just has a regular one, you can count on your garden being a lot more popular than the one next door.

    Bird Feeders

    Obviously, birds are going to be attracted to a food source. It is important that you keep your feeders full year-round. If you allow them to get empty, they will find somewhere else to go. You also need to buy the right food for the species you are trying to attract.

      Don’t Use Pesticides

      Most birds look for a place to call home where there are plenty of insects. Just because they are eating your sunflower seeds you put out does not mean they don’t want an assortment of bugs to munch on. When you use insecticides, you take away this valuable food source.

        Plant Berry Shrubs and Trees

        Winter is hard on most backyard birds. They really love shrubs that offer protection from the harsh winter weather, and of course, they can’t resist shrubs and trees with a generous supply of tasty berries. Dogwood, spicebush, sassafras, shadbush, blueberry, and a wide variety of hollies have berries they love. As far as protection goes, pines, Oakleaf hydrangea, and fothergill are recommended.