Must Have Things for the Pool

Must Have Things for the Pool

Are you getting ready to move into a house with a pool? Perhaps you are finally having that pool installed that you have been talking about for years. Either way, once you have your own pool, you will probably never want to be without one again. Sure, they can be a lot of work to maintain (unless you hire a professional), but you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who will say they aren’t worth the effort. You probably already know what products you are going to use to maintain it. Now, you just need a few essentials to get the most use and fun out of it.

  • Furniture – The right furniture will make your pool the place to be all summer. Loungers are great, but have a few chairs, too. Choose pieces that resist fading and dry quickly.

  • Cabana – Poolside cabanas are typically associated with resorts, but they can come in handy by a residential pool. You will have a place to escape the sun’s rays, and you can keep your cooler with beverages and snacks in there, so they are shaded from the sun. Plus, it can double as a changing room.

  • Propane Patio Heaters – Don’t let a cool evening ruin your fun. When the sun goes down start up the propane heaters and everyone will stay nice and toasty. When you get out of the pool and the cold air hits you, just stand by a heater and you will warm right up.

  • Floating Water Hammock – It can be easy to fall into the trap of buying endless rafts that pop or spring a slow leak and continuously deflate. Although inexpensive, you are essentially just throwing your money away. Kelsyus makes a floating water hammock made of polyester, PVC, and steel that suspends you in the water, so your body stays just under the water’s surface. The manufacturer also makes a lounger and chair made of the same materials.

  • Towel Rack – There is nothing worse than reaching for your towel and discovering that it is sitting in a puddle of water from that last belly flop. A towel rack will keep the pool area tidy and it will speed up the drying process of wet towels.

  • Toys and Sports – Obviously, volleyball net and floating basketball hoop are must haves. However, the pool toy selection has seriously grown in recent years, so plan on being pretty overwhelmed by the options. If you have kids, a floating island adventure set is sure to get used. Also consider a log flume water joust game, giant ring toss game, and paddle ping pong.