Essentials for Entertaining Outdoors at Night

When your daytime gathering lasts through the evening do not let the darkness chase everyone away. The night is still young! The essentials on this list will ensure that you are always prepared for entertaining outdoors when the sun goes away and the moon comes out to play.

  • Firepits – Even a mild summer night can feel cool after a hot day. Firepits will provide warmth and create a fun ambiance. Plus, the fire will provide light and help keep away biting insects. Of course, being able to roast marshmallows over a flame is always an added bonus.

  • Acrylic Glasses – If you are brave enough to use glass during the day it is time to swap this for acrylic in the evening. Bumps and drops are more likely to happen at night, and you don’t want to be sweeping up glass in the dark, especially if you have a pool area and people are walking around barefoot.


  • Drink Markers – “Is this my drink?” is something you will hear a lot of when you entertain in the evenings. This is especially true after a couple Sangrias or Mojitos. Individual drink markers make it easy for everyone to keep track of their own cocktail.

  • Wine Glass Stakes – It is pretty amazing that something so small will be the topic of conversation, but when you break out the wine glass stakes everyone will have something to say about them. These stakes just stick in the ground and you slip your wine glass in the holder.

  • Candle Holders – Lanterns with pillar candles can be hung from branches. You can also find some cool Mason jar candle holders filled with sand and a votive. Or, you can make your own. Have these ready to go, so when darkness falls, you can grab them, hang a few around, and light them. While you are stocking up on candles, make sure that you also buy a few citronella ones, too, to help keep the mosquitoes away.

  • Food Tents – These are actually a must-have during the day, too! However, at least during the day you can easily see if there is a visitor on the fruit or cheese and cracker you are grabbing. Places like Crate & Barrel sell foldable food tents in a variety of colors and sizes. They weigh pretty much nothing, so guests can just pick them up, as needed.