Easy Ways to Make Your Property Safer

Regardless what neighborhood, city, or state you live in; there are always ways to improve the safety of your property. Many people hear the word “safe” and automatically think of crime, but having a safe home also means taking steps to prevent accidents from occurring, as well. This list will help you create the safest property possible.

  • Solar Lights – Solar lights are an absolute must. You should be able to see where you are walking around your property. Not to mention, solar lights make your home less attractive to burglars.

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Most people have smoke alarms, but a surprising number of people do not have a carbon monoxide detector. Too many people die annually from carbon monoxide. These are deaths that could have been prevented with a $25 device. Make sure you test your alarms frequently.

  • Fix Walkways – You may know exactly where the uneven part of the walkway is, even in the dark, but guests don’t. Fix these areas before they become issues.

  • House Number – Make sure your house number is visible from the street, so emergency responders can see it. This means putting the number on the mailbox or a tree by the end of the driveway, if necessary.

  • Dog Signs – You don’t need to actually have a dog to post “Beware of Dog” signs. Leave a few heavy duty dog toys outside, too.

  • Fence – Thieves find a fenced property much less attractive than an unfenced one.

  • Store Fuel Properly – Whether you have gas cans of fuel, cylinders of propane for a portable heater, or cans of gel fuel for your fireplace, it is important that you adhere to proper storage guidelines.

  • Stop Using the Fireplace – Chimney fires can happen to anyone. Turn your fireplace into a safe, eco-friendly one with a bio fuel insert.

  • Window Coverings – Natural light is great, but people don’t need to be able to see everything inside your home when you are sleeping or away at work. Make sure your window coverings actually provide privacy, especially in kids’ rooms.

  • Don’t Hide Keys – Hiding keys outside is just asking for trouble. Thieves know where to look for them. Plus, it only takes one of your teenager’s mischievous friends to learn of the hiding place, and they will tell several others.

  • Don’t Be Predictable – Switch up your routine or at least change times in your home to turn certain light and electronics on at different times with timers. A person with a predictable routine is the perfect target for a criminal.