Owning a wall mounted fish tank can be one of the best ways to make a statement with your décor and can be the perfect conversation piece.  Guest are sure to have their interest peaked by these unique and enchanting fish tanks. While wall-mounted fish tanks are sure to look great in any room of your home or office, there is still some important considerations to take into account before you make your final decision.

Fish tank owners will tell you that owning a fish tank does require some regular maintenance on your part. If your schedule is too busy to accommodate this new choice, you may want to get a water fountain instead.

Your fish will require feedings and your filter and water will require cleaning.  The amount of fish you have and how much you feed them will be an important factor in determining how clean your water stays and how long you can go between cleanings.  If you are pressed for time as is, you may want to go with one or two fish in your tank like Small Bubble Wall Mounted Aquarium.  This is going to allow you to get away with far less cleaning but you will still be required to commit to daily feedings.

Small Bubble Wall Mounted Aquarium

Once you have decided that you have the time for a fish tank you are ready to think about the size and type of tank. Wall hanging fish tanks can come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 12″ up to several feet in length.  Most units are less than 6″ in depth as to not require additional installation procedures.

Where are You Planning To Mount Your Tank?

The next thing to consider is the area in which you desire to mount your tank.  To do this you must think about your tanks purpose.  Will this tank be your room’s centerpiece or will it be used to complement an already existing decoration?

How Much Floor Space Do You Have?

If you are looking to preserve precious floor space in your home or office, a hanging fish tank is suited to handle this job perfectly.  You don’t lose any floor space with this design and you can still use the space under your tank for another piece of décor.

Flush Mounting

While most people are content with hanging their fish tank on the included mounting screw others are looking for a more flush approach.  Mounting your tank flush into the wall can be an awesome way to give your fish tank the feeling of a truly moving portrait.  You must consider that you will need to access the pump and fish from time to time so a panel will be needed.

Medium Rectangular Wall Aquarium

Room Divider

Mounting your fish tank in a wall that is shared will allow both rooms to enjoy this unique decoration at the same time.  Especially designed hanging fish tanks do exist specifically for this purpose.  These unit do not place the filtration on the back of the unit and this allows both sides to get a quality view.

The Best View

One of the biggest advantages of hanging fish tanks is that they are intended to be hung around eye level.  This gives you a comfortable vantage point to watch the relaxing movements of your fish throughout the tank.


Due to the compact nature of a hanging fish tank, most units include both your filtration and lighting systems.  These are perfectly designed to work within the tight confines of your hanging fish tank and not having to purchase these items can save you big time on fish tank expenses.

Disadvantages of Wall Mounted Fish Tanks

There are some disadvantages to consider when you are thinking of going with a wall mounted fish tank in your home.  You are going to be limited in the type and amount of fish you get as wall units can accommodate only a certain number of fish based on their size.

You will need a very large wall mounted fish tank if you are considering a large amount of fish.  These can get extremely heavy with many weighing over 300 pounds when filled. This means that you may have difficulty getting a solid mount if your tank size is too large.20 Gallon Rectangular Wall Mounted Aquarium


Due to the all-inclusive nature of wall mounted tanks they are considerably more expensive than a traditional fish tank.  This is similar to how laptops cost more than their desktop equivalent as everything must be compacted to function in the amount of space provided.

Wall-Mounted Fish Tanks – What’s Right For You

Now that you have a better understanding of what to consider when getting a wall mounted fish tank, you are ready to look at your options.  Simply follow the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to get a tank you can be proud of and that will fit your needs.