Office life: it’s often mundane and repetitive, causing debilitating repetitive muscle strain and mental sluggishness. Here are three novel pieces of equipment that you might not think of adding to an office. They will add some fun to your daily grind, promoting better mental health and overall productivity. Change up your 9-5 routine and see what happens to your overall health and well-being, even after you’ve gone home for the day.

Massage Chairs

Those of us who sit at a desk for long hours know all too well the toll it can eventually take on our body and mental health. Choosing a desk chair that is comfortable and ergonomically designed is a great start, but adding a massage chair to your company break room has huge health benefits for active pain relief. You can rest assured that you are being proactive about your employees’ health, and giving them a much-needed mental break which allows for more productivity later in the day. Massage has been shown to increase endorphin levels, providing a natural feel-good boost which will encourage positive work habits and creativity. The Omega Skyline Zero Gravity Massage Chair massages your back at three speeds to ease the painful lower-back strain that comes with sitting at a computer. It also includes an MP3 player and headphones to help create a soundtrack that will help you drift away in your mind as your muscles receive a relaxing massage.

Bean Bag Chairs

The Big Joe Roma Chair, which comes in six fun colors, would make a great addition to any creative office space in which brainstorms are encouraged. When your employees are comfortable and relaxed, they’re more likely to produce original ideas, and have fun doing it. A grouping of comfortable, casual seats in an office setting can bring employees together and create a healthy team bond, as they truly enjoy sitting and relaxing together. Add some bean bag chairs to your conference room and watch the creative collaborations and new ideas blossom in your co-workers, not to mention the child-like smiles and laughter.

Standing Desks

Have you seen this trend in your office yet? Recent studies have shown the negative impact that sitting for prolonged periods can have on our health. Sitting for too long can lower your metabolism, increasing your risk of developing diabetes or obesity later in life. Sitting for too long can also increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and overall mortality rate. But don’t be too frightened or tempted to go to extremes; good office health is all about finding a healthy balance in your physical activity level at work. Adding more movement to your daily life, including walking and exercising, is healthy for anyone, and helps stimulate brain activity.

To reduce the strain on your body caused by too much standing, try using a gel mat with your standing desk. If you’re considering switching from a regular office chair to a standing desk, try a combination of both to begin with, alternating between the two so that your legs can get used to the additional strain.