Ottomans are like berries; you cannot just have one! Well, you can start with one, but once you realize what you have been missing and people start fighting over it, you will quickly add a few more. Ottomans are nothing new. They first appeared in 1729, and although the styles have changed, the concept remains the same.


Ottomans are also commonly referred to as a footstools, pouffes, hassocks, and tuffets. It used to be common to find them hollowed out and used for storage. Today, the most popular varieties are in the bean bag department, and some even feature pockets to hold remote controls, magazines, MP3 players, and more. The Sit-E-Block Bean Bag we have here at the Soothing Company is a great example. This versatile piece comes in an array of colors and patterns, and surprisingly, it weighs only 3 pounds!


Not Just a Footstool


Some people hear the word “ottoman” and immediately picture someone sitting on a chair or sofa, with their legs extended and feet on the ottoman. Today, these fun pieces of furniture are just as commonly used as seats. They are ideal for a media, game, or dorm room, or they can be scattered around a living room, waiting for the overflow of guests. You might be surprised at how many people pass up the opportunity to sit on a chair or sofa and choose the ottoman instead. They even make great pet beds.




The first thing you will discover when you browse our selection is that they are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Some still follow the traditional cylindrical styling, but there are also square and wedge-shaped ones, too. You will also find that bean bag ottomans are extremely popular; primarily because they are unbelievable comfortable to sit on, and they last for a really long time.


Choosing a Style


The great thing about ottomans is they do not all have to match. Not only do they not have to match one another, they do not necessarily need to match the room either. In most cases, you will find they get moved from one room to the next anyway since they are so lightweight. If you have a room decorated in all earth tones or a contemporary space made up of black and white, an ottoman is the perfect piece to buy in a bright or contrasting color to add a dynamic focal point to the space.


If you have a lot of straight lines in the room caused by the entertainment center, coffee and end tables, electronics, etc., then stick with a round ottoman to create balance. However, if you already have a lot of round elements thanks to a giant bean bag chair, round coffee table, and area rug then you might want to consider a square option. Our Mod Square is a popular pick, as it is available in two gorgeous fabrics, and a variety of colors.