When was the last time you sat in a waiting room, and managed to resist the urge to not stare at the clock the entire time? No one likes to wait. Whether you are waiting for your car to be serviced at the dealership, waiting to see the doctor, or very patiently waiting for your table to be ready at the restaurant, it is time spent obsessing over what you could or should be doing. So, if you have any type of business where customers, clients, patients, or vendors wait for you then you should know how they feel. Why not take this opportunity to change their negative view of waiting? Create a cozy and welcoming waiting room, and they will be hoping you take your time, so they can sit and relax a bit longer.


  • Electric Wall Fireplace – There is nothing more inviting and comforting than an electric wall fireplace. Who wouldn’t want to relax next to the warmth of a glowing flame? You can even find an electric fireplace that offers the option to turn the heat off, so in the summer, you can still create ambiance without it producing any heat.


  • Coat Rack – Some waiting rooms are not ideal for a coat rack. One at a busy medical practice with a constant flow of people in and out is a good example. If you have a small law or accounting office or a hair salon or spa, folks in your waiting room would likely love to hang their coat up while they are there.


  • TV/DVD Combo – The problem with just having a TV is that you end up with one person wanting to watch soap operas while another is glued to a talk show. Not to mention, most businesses don’t have cable. If you have a TV/DVD combo unit, or even a portable DVD player, then you can play movies all day. Just make a point to consider the age of folks frequenting your waiting room and make sure that the movies you choose are appropriate.


  • Vending Machines – Waiting does not seem quite so painful when you can drink a hot cocoa and munch on a snack. Vending machine companies often do not even charge you to install their machine. They take care of keeping it stocked, and you get a cut of the money. Make sure you have some healthy snacks to choose from, too.