Top Ten Indoor Wall Fountains
  1. Whispering Creek Wall Fountain

2.  Aspen Falls Wall Fountain

3. Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain

4. Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain

5. Teton Falls Wall Fountain

6. Pacifica Waters Wall Fountain

7. Summit Falls Wall Fountain

8. Reflection Creek Wall Fountain

9. Calming Waters Wall Fountain

10. Verdigris Falls Horizontal Wall Fountain

Indoor Wall Fountains: How to Choose the Right One

One of the greatest things about the fountain industry is that the selection has grown substantially in recent years. Of course, one of the worst things about the industry is that the selection has gotten so big that choosing one is never easy. Whether you are just starting to look for one or you have found so many you love that you need advice choosing one, this guide will help you narrow down the selection of indoor wall fountainsto ensure you buy the perfect one for your space.

Pick the Perfect Wall

Hopefully, you have already decided what room your water feature is going in. If you have not done so, you will need to do this first. Now, it is time to pick the perfect wall. Ideally, it won’t have other pieces of art on it unless it is very wide. It can have windows as long as they are far enough apart to fit between the fountain between them. It will also need an electrical outlet unless you plan on hiring an electrician to do some wiring.

Consider Natural Light

If you are mounting on a wall with a window, you don’t have to worry too much about it. The concern comes with mounting directly across from a window primarily if the fountain is mirror. You could end up with a blinding glare depending on position, so keep that in mind.

Consider Color and Theme

Considering the room’s color scheme and/or theme is going to play the biggest role in your decision. You can’t just select a water wall because you are drawn to it, unless you are redecorating the entire room to complement it. If you have a lot of patterns and textures in the room, you may want to stick with mirror or some other simple design. Mirror is also the practical choice for loud colors and Victorian and nautical themes.

If the room is already fairly simple and comprised primarily of solid colors then slate or marble will be ideal. That natural pattern will bring depth to the space yet won’t distract from other furniture décor pieces.

Most wall-mounted fountains are going to let you choose the trim, as well. Make sure to put the same amount of thought into the decision. If this water element will go in your business, consider choosing one you can add a logo to for a lasting impression.