If you are shopping for water features for your home you may be feeling both excited and overwhelmed. Most begin the shopping process with a general idea of what they want, but that idea is soon forgotten when they discover how extensive the selection is. Since these beneficial pieces of art have become so incredibly popular, manufacturers make them in a huge array of styles.


Wall – Some of the most dramatic fountains you will find for your home are in this category. Most wall-mounted varieties are of significant size. They are typically mounted about eye level and instantly become a focal point of the room. When shopping for these, you will need to determine if you prefer a horizontal or vertical one for the wall it will be displayed on. The great thing about buying these fountains for the home is that they are out of reach of curious fingers and paws.


    Floor – These are pieces that truly have the ability to take your breath away. As the name suggests, they sit on the floor. Some are back-mounted, so they can rest flat against a wall. Others are center-mounted and ideal to use to create interest in a vacant space in a larger room. Center-mounted varieties look fantastic from any angle.


      Tabletop – Every room in your home can easily welcome a tabletop fountain. They can perch on your end table, coffee table, dining room table, dresser, desk, counter, etc. These fountains are small enough to conveniently be placed just about anywhere, but large enough to get noticed. Some prefer to use them as floor fountains in small spaces. They look lovely on the floor, surrounded by potted plants.


        Outdoor – If you are shopping for fountains for outside your home then you have even more decisions to make. You will find them in a huge selection of sizes, styles, and themes, including wall, floor, tabletop, garden, tiered, water fall, Asian, angels, animals, urns, people, corner, and more.


        Material Selection

         As if choosing a style and size is not hard enough, you need to consider the material too. Slate and marble are both popular picks. These two natural materials boast unique patterns, so no two fountains are ever identical. However, the depth of the slate is a little more subtle, luring you in for a closer look while the pattern on marble pieces is more in your face.


        Glass is always a popular pick because it complements nearly any indoor and outdoor space. Like glass, mirror is quite safe in terms of matching, and it has the unparalleled ability to make a room appear larger due to its reflective nature.


        If you are shopping for outdoor pieces, you will also notice that cast stone is an incredibly popular material. It is durable, easy to work with, and the finished product can be given a number of finishes. It can be made to look like nearly any material from rock to bamboo.