Many people really want to add outdoor water fountains to their landscaping, but they are not too sure where to begin. If this sound like you, then there is a good chance you have spent plenty of time browsing through the selection, but you just don’t know where you should put one. Well, the good news is that there is no “wrong” place. Outdoor water fountains can really be placed pretty much anywhere.


Deck or Patio

The most popular place for an outdoor water feature is on the deck or patio. It does not matter if you never have guests over; you will enjoy the tranquil environment that it creates, and that is all that matter! The important thing is to choose one that is an appropriate size for this space. If you have a massive deck or large pool area, by all means, create a dynamic focal point with a large piece, such as our Ribbed Monolith with Ball Outdoor Fountain.


However, if you have a small patio, you want a water feature that won’t get in the way of foot traffic or invade the space. This rule holds true if you have a front porch you typically sit on to read the paper or people watch; a fountain is perfect here too!


Focal Point

If you have a significant front yard, then a large outdoor fountain can be added to the landscaping as a nice focal point. You will create a ton of curb appeal with something like the Mediterranean Fountain with Old Euro Basin. You don’t have to worry about these fountains growing feet during the night either because they are quite heavy with water. These fountains are nice to plant flowers around, and you can add a few solar lights to the area as well.


Garden and Flower Beds

Regardless if you have a massive flower garden or if you have an abundance of small flower beds in random places, you can add outdoor water fountains to every single one. Flower beds that are shaded and near the house can receive traditional fountains that plug into an outside outlet. If you have gardens scattered around your landscaping, down the edge of the driveway or even by the mailbox, then those spaces are perfect for solar fountains. You really can’t have too many, and our flowers will appreciate the moisture on those extra hot days. Not to mention, they will invite pollinators to your garden.