Whether you want to add a subtle charm or create a stunning focal point, you are sure to find a garden outdoor fountain to do just that. Place it against an empty wall or boring fence, amongst the lush greenery and blooming flowers, these outdoor water features add beauty and character to any space they occupy. Outdoor water features are available in every size, material, color and theme imaginable. Tiered water fountains with pools are majestic and grand. If you love animals, we have fantastic pieces that incorporate animals, like horses, lions, swans, even a turtle and a frog. If you want to transform an empty corner into a relaxing nook, go for Asian Outdoor Fountains and add a touch of Zen and the East.

Grande Riviera Garden Fountain

Tall, elegant, and sophisticated, the Grande Riviera Garden Fountain evokes the warm, sun-drenched ambiance of the Mediterranean. Lively and defined water flow streams and splashes into the unique fiberglass bottom pool. Handcrafted of durable cast stone, this fountain is to last a lifetime. It will bring beauty as well as the soothing sound of water to your yard or garden. Unique Perpetual Pool is completely fiberglass for impressive size with ease of installation. 

White Lotus Flower Fountain 

Beautiful yet calming, this dramatic White Lotus Flower Fountain is an artistic water feature where art meets function. This relaxing fountain is sure to become a focal point in any setting, creating a soothing and interesting artistic addition to your home. Perfect on your patio or out in your garden as your favorite blooms and foliage. 

Old World Center Rain Fountain, Tall with Bowl 


The Old World Center Rain Fountain, Tall with Bowl combines the beauty with the soothing sounds of water in motion to create a mesmerizing effect. Water flows calmly from top into the solid stone-like bowl below. The classic beauty of this fountain will lend graceful charm to any outdoor area.

51″ Tree Trunk Fountain with 6 Pots

This elegant 51″ Tree Trunk Fountain with 6 Pots has a timeless, classic appeal, the perfect centerpiece for any garden decor. Water spills from the 6 tipped pots into a pool of water contained in the remnants of a long fallen tree. Includes a pump and three LED underwater lights.

31″ Rock Buddha Fountain

Create a serene environment in your own back yard or garden with the 31″ Rock Buddha Fountain. This sitting Buddha features a wall of water illuminated by an underwater LED light. It is made of fiberglass resin although it looks as if it is carved from stone. Rich in detail, this striking piece features intricate carvings around the Buddha.

24″ Bamboo Fountain

The 24″ Bamboo Fountain is a stunning and wonderful water feature for your setting, add this whimsical piece to your collection today. It features three water spouts with a water wheel at the foot of the fountain. You and your guests will delight in the soothing sounds of water in motion and you’ll quickly find that this little beauty makes your backyard a popular place to be. 

Delfini Fountain with Quatrain Basin

This fountain will add a modern yet elegant touch to your garden or patio setting. It will also give your outdoor space a sculptural focal point that also provides the relaxing sounds of flowing water. Constructed in a durable cast stone by skilled artisans that will last for many years.

Sculpture Fountain with Light 

Featuring the appearance of a woman cradling a fractured glass candle, this piece of art gives the illusion of a hammered bronze finish sculpture with illuminated water flowing inside her cylinder. The warm glow is provided by an included underwater LED light and the flow of water by an included pump. 

Zen Plinth Fountain

The Zen Plinth Fountain is an adorably fun and endearing fountain. Featuring a Zen Frog in meditating pose, this calming fountain is sure to add a peaceful feel to your garden setting. Add this fountain to your home or garden today and enjoy the soothing sounds of water flowing from this beautiful fountain. 

26″ Lion Head Wall Fountain

Classic and clean in design, the 26″ Lion Head Wall Fountain fuses seamlessly with any decor. Water flows out of the centered lion head and into the basin below for a soothing water sound that anyone can enjoy. Made out of a poly resin material, this fountain is very lightweight and durable.