Just as you can wear too much jewelry, your home can display too much art. Too many canvases, sculptures and flower arrangements can look very busy and museum-like, especially with a small space. Water fountains are the only exception to this rule. They manage to bring positive energy to a home, so this is functional and beneficial art that you can add to every room in your home.

Living Room – This is obviously the most popular room in the home to place a water feature. In this room, most people choose one of significant size that either sits on the floor or gets mounted to the wall. Regardless if a living room is small or incredibly large with cathedral ceilings, water fountains are able to create a focal point, and offer a welcoming feel.

Bedroom – You really can’t appreciate just how well you will sleep until you have a water feature in your bedroom. The sound of cascading water soothes the mind and calms the nerves. This allows you to fall asleep faster and achieve a deep and more beneficial sleep stage, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Nursery – Just as the sound of flowing water helps you sleep, it will also help your baby sleep. Not to mention, the increased moisture in the air will help reduce the risk of catching a cold or being bothered by allergies. Not to mention, you spend a lot of time in the room as well; it may as well be soothing for you.

Home Office – Most people neglect the décor in their home office. Regardless if you actually work at home, or if you really only use the room to write out bills or catch up on a little reading, it really should have a water feature. It does not necessarily have to be a larger one. Something like the Karma Tabletop Fountain perched on the corner of your desk would be ideal.

Dining Room – You may actually use that formal dining room table, if the space was more inviting. A water wall is ideal. It will create an elegant environment and since it is on the wall, it won’t get bumped by chairs.

Bathroom – You don’t have to spend top dollar going to an expensive spa. You can create the same soothing environment in your own bathroom with a fountain, bath salts and perhaps even a small ventless fireplace.