7 Tips on Choosing Outdoor Water Fountains

Choosing a backyard water fountain first and foremost depends on personal tastes, décor, theme, and function. Just as houses are designed differently, so are their outdoor spaces. Everyone has different opinions of what makes a backyard perfect. The landscape, walkways, garages, and sheds that are part of the backyard will play a role in choosing the most appropriate outdoor water fountains.

Today, water feature options are almost limitless thanks to the global marketplace, new shipping options, and the ability to purchase fountains online. Not long ago choosing and installing garden water fountains was a major decision for homeowners. Today choosing outdoor water fountains is no less important. However, there are many more selections available for homeowners.

In the last couple dozen months with world events creating major changes in daily lives, people have never spent so much time in their home spaces. Some may have treated the backyard as a play area for children and sports, while others used it for outdoor cooking. Before the added hours spent at home, few realized the sanctuary offered by their own backyards. Outdoor or backyard water fountains have become a prominent way to turn backyards and modern gardens into an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Many will think of the classic outdoor tiered fountain constructed or cemented in place when outdoor backyard fountain is heard. Fountain choices today range from small to extra large with DIY and direct shipping options for many shapes, styles, designs, and materials. Durable heavy resin, concrete, stone, cast stone, fiberglass, and metal are among the materials used for the backyard fountains of today.

Styles range from Classic Mediterranean, Greek, and Roman to Ultra-Modern all in a variety of sizes and details. No longer restricted to shopping for outdoor backyard fountains at local garden and specialty garden centers and outlets, consumers today have the world of garden fountain manufacturers and distributors at their fingertips.

Discovering outdoor backyard fountains to enhance any outdoor space has never been easier. Outdoor waterfall fountains, garden outdoor fountains, glass outdoor fountains, corner outdoor fountains can all be sourced, ordered, and directly shipped to consumers for DIY installation or by a local service provider. There is a style and size outdoor fountain for every outdoor space from condo balconies to expansive estate yards.

Logistical Considerations in Choosing an Outdoor Fountain

In the not-so-distant past, only a select few backyards had fountains, usually large estate homes with a massive outdoor tiered fountain in the front yard, backyard, and even side gardens. That same classic outdoor tiered fountain can today be delivered directly from the manufacturer made out of resin or fiberglass in a variety of shapes, designs, styles, and number of tiers. Choosing an outdoor backyard fountain is a personal choice. 

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The 7 Tips on Choosing Outdoor Water Fountains

When choosing a backyard water fountain buyers must consider a few logistical factors as well as design and style. Electrical needs, foundational requirements, sound, focal point, and other considerations are all important factors in choosing backyard fountains.

Electrical Accessibility

As most DIY and easy to install outdoor backyard fountains use electrical pumps it is the biggest concern when choosing outdoor water fountains such as a flowing water wall fountain. DIY installations should be as simple as a cord that reaches a receptacle that has the appropriate specs.

The electrical cord should not be a tripping hazard, or accessible to children, pets, or wildlife. Never use an extension cord for an outdoor backyard fountain. It is important that a licensed electrician be consulted when installing lamps plus water fountains.

Installation Surface

Floor outdoor fountains installation should be on a smooth hard surface. Cement patios are the best level surface. On block or paver courtyards, they must be level and able to withstand the weight without shifting.

Splash Zone

When installing any outdoor backyard fountain near sitting areas, barbeques, or play areas be sure to consider the splash zone. Even rock garden fountains can have unintended splash zones on windy days.

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Child Access

Small children should always be a consideration when installing outdoor backyard fountains. The lower basin of outdoor tiered fountains usually has enough water for an accident to occur with small children. Remember it does not take a swimming pool to drown. Even rock garden fountains with multiple small water pooling areas may provide enough water to cause a problem with small children.

Animal Access

Every outdoor water fountain may be an invitation to your pets and any wildlife in the area. Birds, squirrels, and other backyard wildlife will see water fountains as a natural watering hole,s especially rock garden fountains.


Choosing outdoor fountains has many considerations. One often overlooked is maintenance. No matter which outdoor backyard fountain is selected, outdoor rock garden fountains, floor outdoor fountains, or the classic outdoor tiered fountain, they all need to be cleaned regularly. In freezing winter zones, outdoor water fountains will need to be protected from the winter weather.

Consider Safety when Choosing Outdoor Water Fountains

Among all the considerations when choosing an outdoor water fountain either for the garden area, patio, or sitting areas is safety. Always think about and plan for children, your own and visiting youngsters.

Also, consider pets and other animals who will see outdoor rock water fountains as a natural part of their world. The classic outdoor tiered fountain is also an invitation to birds who will view it as a birdbath or luxury spa.