Everyone knows that a dancing flame creates the most romantic ambiance for a special evening with your significant other. However, if using a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you would have to deal with poking and feeding it all evening. Not to mention, just knowing that you are breathing in toxins, and that you will have to clean up after it later is enough to ruin the mood. If you use pillar candles then you will have to babysit them all night to make sure you do not end up with a wax mess. So, what is thebetter alternative to the two? Tabletop fireplaces!

Why Choose Tabletop Fireplaces?

You really cannot have too many tabletop fireplaces. These are functional, beneficial, and ambiance-creating pieces of art that you should have in every room of your home. They are absolutely perfect for a romantic evening, and a better option to a real fire for several reasons.

Stylish – Tabletop fireplaces are stylish enough for any room in your home. They are available in a tremendous number of styles so whether you have them placed on end tables or are using one as the centerpiece for your dining room table, it is sure to be the topic of conversation.

No Maintenance – Unlike a traditional fire that you have to constantly fuss with, these fireplaces require no work. They are fueled by gel or bio fuel, so you will add the appropriate fuel and ignite. You will have a consistent flame either until the fuel runs out or until you snuff the flame. There is no wood to poke at and you do not have to scoop ash later.

Safe – Why expose yourself to toxins if you do not have to? These are ventless fireplaces, so they can be used virtually anywhere. Gel and bio fuel are clean-burning fuel sources so you can feel good knowing you are not polluting your lungs or the environment.

Portable – Why be forced to spend the evening in only one room just so you can enjoy the fire? You will find that many of our tabletop fireplaces can be used indoors and outdoors. So, you can enjoy dinner on the patio, under the stars, and by the fire, and then bring the fire in with you to enjoy when you head inside for the evening.

It should also be noted that tabletop fireplaces make outstanding gifts, especially for your significant other. This will ensure that there will be a romantic evening planned in the near future to put it to good use.