Thanks to ventless fireplaces, every type of environment can enjoy a dancing flame. If you own or manage a small business you may have never considered adding a fireplace to the space, but you really should. They don’t create smoke or diminish oxygen levels so they are safe to use anywhere, even if you have a small tax office in a high rise building.



Ventless fireplaces offer the same great benefits to a business as they do to your home, but on an escalated level. It doesn’t matter if you have customers, clients, patients, investors or any other type of visitor entering your business on a daily basis, they will appreciate the fireplace in more ways than you can imagine.


Warmth – Obviously, one of the most important reasons to add them to your business if for the warmth they offer. This is especially true if you are in a building with controlled heat. People entering or waiting in your lounge area will certainly appreciate that chair next to the fireplace on a cold winter day.


Welcoming – A fireplace is a familiar element that everyone recognizes. It is a comforting element. Most people simply need to glance at one to immediately feel at ease. This is how you want people to feel, especially if they are getting ready to spend money.


Relaxing – It is hard to feel anxious, stressed or on the edge when you are in the presence of a dancing flame. So, whether someone stops in your café to grab a coffee after a terrible business meeting, or if they are in your lounge waiting to get their taxes done that they are dreading, they will be able to relax a bit and not focus on any concerns they have.


Conversation Piece – If you have a martini lounge, wine bar or even a hair or nail salon, patrons will appreciate having a nice piece of art as a conversation starter. Talking about art is a nice way to break the ice and strike up a conversation.


Give Them a Reason to Return


Every professional market today is saturated with competition, especially in larger cities. Give people a reason to remember you, so they want to return. Someone may not remember where they were when they had that fantastic dessert, but if they have a visual element like the Pure Flame Vesta Bio Fuel Fireplace to associate your restaurant with, then they might have an easier time remembering, so they come back and refer others to you as well. Word of mouth is a strong marketing tool.