If you have recently made the decision to add a ventless fireplaceto your business then you might be a little overwhelmed with trying to decide which one to buy. It does not matter if you have a cozy café, tranquil spa, or a medical practice, any environment will benefit from a dancing flame. However, it is also important to choose one that best accommodates the space. Corner fireplaceshave exploded in popularity in both residential and commercial use for a long list of reasons.


What Are Corner Fireplaces?


If you are like many others you may not have been introduced to corner fireplaces until now. Alternately, maybe you found the styles here at the Soothing Company quite intriguing, but you are wondering if they are suitable for business use. Well, they are more than suitable; they are actually quite perfect. As the name implies this type of fireplace is crafted in a way that allows it to nicely nestle into an empty corner in the room. They are available in electric or gel options and a variety of finishes.


Out of the Way


One of the greatest advantages to decorating a business with a corner fireplace is that it will be out-of-the-way. If you look around your business, you likely have a corner just sitting there empty like wasted space. Nothing else fits there, so you might as well put it to use. This way, you get a fireplace, without taking up valuable wall space that you may need to place tables, chairs, or other pieces of furniture against. Plus, it will be out-of-the-way, so no one accidently trips over it.




Although you may be shopping for a fireplace simply for display or to provide warmth on cold days, they actually provide the business with a few fantastic benefits. The most noteworthy one is that they are inviting. You want your clients, customers, patients, etc., to feel welcomed and comfortable upon entering your business. This is exactly what a corner fireplace will do. For example, if you look at our Holly and Martin Cypress Electric Fireplace-Espresso, it instantly makes you feel like “home.” Its rustic finish complements the warmth and ambiance to instantly comfort those in its presence. Suddenly folks may stop checking their watch every 30 seconds, and they may not even realize how long they have been waiting.


No Mess


Some of the corner fireplaces we have here at the Soothing Company may look real, but you certainly will not be dealing with a mess. First, they do not need venting, so you will not need to make costly renovations to accommodate one.


The flame creates no smoke, so it is safe to enjoy pretty much anywhere. With an electric variety you will simply use a remote control to turn it off and on. If you opt for gel because it has a more realistic flame, you will appreciate that you can snuff the fire out whenever you want.