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Decorating Small Spaces

Design Solutions for a Small Wall

Do you have one awkward wall in your living room that you do not know what to do with? Maybe it’s not wide enough to place a side table or bench against or perhaps it extends forward so putting a chair there would place it too close to the room’s center. Whatever the case is, just leaving it blank is not helping either. Below are design solutions that will allow you to turn that eyesore into a focal point.

Gel Wall Fireplaces

Gel wall fireplaces can turn a sad wall into one that is simply fabulous. Silver and copper are very popular finishes right now. Gel fuel does not produce smoke or fill the air with dangerous toxins, so you do not even need a chimney.

Plus, gel is surprisingly affordable and completely maintenance free. You add a can of fuel, ignite and enjoy. Simply extinguish the fire when you are done with it, or allow it to burn out naturally.

Wall Water Features

Some are under the impression that all wall fountains are huge, but this is not true. There are vertical and fairly compact water features available that would mount on a narrow wall beautifully.


When all else fails stick a pre-cut decal of something there. There is a large variety available, so finding one to complement your space will not be difficult. Depending on your personal style you could add anything from a tree to a colorful sugar skull to an inspiring quote.


If you have knick knacks, collectibles, or family photos you have run out of room to display, or if you would love to buy a few new things, if you can find a place to put them, then mounting a series of shelves on the wall would be ideal.

Tall Plant

If you have been meaning to add more living art to your space then maybe this is the perfect wall for a tall plant. Don’t have a green thumb? You could always place a large decorative empty planter on the floor under where your gel fireplace is mounted. A planter does not actually need to be filled to look fabulous.

Grandfather Clock

As long as your home offers the right environment for a grandfather clock this could be a welcomed element. This would look best in a classic, rustic, or country cottage space.

5 Tips for Decorating a Room Without a Window

You have searched for your dream home for what seems like forever, and now that you have finally found it, you discover it has no windows in the main room. Now, no window in a bathroom or nursery is probably fine with you.

However, if the home does not have a window in the living room or master bedroom this can quickly put a stop to any warm fuzzy feeling over the marble bathroom and chef-inspired kitchen.

Can you live without a window in a primary room? Absolutely! It will not be nearly as dark as you might imagine either. These tips will help.

False Windows

Create the illusion of windows being in the room with false windows. Whether you buy a print or paint your own, you can have the weather and view you dream of to look at daily. There are even large murals that span a nice size wall.

Slate Wall Fountains

This material is about the closest you are going to get to displaying a real waterfall in your home. Slate wall fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles. If you give your space a dramatic yet natural focal point, you will forget all about not having a window. Guests might not even notice either.


Since there will be no natural light pouring through the windows, you will have to be happy with artificial lighting. With the right lighting options, you won’t miss natural light. Forget about a boring ceiling light.

Recessed lighting is a great idea in a basement with fairly low ceilings. Pendants and chandeliers are very much in style, and lamps are available today in more designs than you can probably imagine. Have a few options in a room, so you can make it brighter, when needed. A dimmer switch is always a nice feature to have.

Shiny Pieces

Adding reflective elements to a space without windows is definitely a great idea. Brass, stainless steel, and mirror are all ideal. If possible, place pieces across from one another, so light can bounce back-and-forth. This will brighten up the room, so you don’t risk feeling like you are in a dungeon.

Light Color Scheme

A room without windows needs a lighter color scheme. If you want to incorporate dark colors into the space, you can do so in some of the décor pieces.

Tips for Decorating an Attic

Whether your family is growing and you need to create a study space for the kids or a reading nook for you, or if you are building an entire apartment up there to rent out, you will likely need a little help, when it comes to decorating. Attics can pose some design challenges, so you definitely want to think your plans through ahead of time.

Embrace the Structure

If your attic has exposed rafters, vintage details, beams, or anything else, embrace these elements. There is no point trying to camouflage them. Allow them to be a focus in your décor.

Measure Everything

You definitely do not want to start shopping for furniture until you have measured, measured, and measured again. Take into consideration the ceiling height too, especially if it is slanted, which most are.

Don’t stop with measuring the attic though. Something may easily fit inside your attic, but getting it up awkward stairs or through a tiny door could have you forced to deal with a return.

Choose Furniture Thoughtfully

The slanted walls commonly found in attics are what cause the most challenges. You may assume a dresser will be fine, but because of its height it has to be quite far from the wall. Lower pieces are always deal. For a bed, opt for a platform variety with storage underneath.

Ottomans are ideal, too, no matter what type of space you are creating. They can be used as a foot stool or seat and some can even be used as a side table. Plus, you will have no problem getting ottomans up the stairs and through the door.

Lighting and Air Flow

Ideally, the windows of your attic will be large enough to welcome natural light. Of course, windows can make the attic feel like an oven, if they are in line of the hot afternoon sun. If this is the case, you will need some type of quality shades or curtains to block the light.

If the windows open, you will be able to get some airflow in there. Even if they don’t, you can help keep the air circulated by using fans. Small lamps or sconces are probably all you will need for lighting.

Avoid a Dark Color Scheme

In most cases, attics are quite small. So, you want to avoid a color palette that is all dark. A lighter one will help brighten the space up. If you want to decorate with both try to strike a balance between light and dark

Creative Ways to Reduce Clutter in the Bedroom

Do you ever flip through interior decorating magazines and just laugh when you see bedroom examples? These rooms do not even look lived in. Where is the TV on the dresser or alarm clock on the nightstand?

How could anyone have a bedroom that perfect with nothing out of place? Well, below are creative ways to hide everything that is making your room look like a cluttered mess.

TV Lifts

According to feng shui, everything creates energy, but electronics create the most! Too many things in a room generate so much energy that the space comes off busy and overwhelming. This is especially true in a small room.

So, what is the answer? Are you supposed to live without your television in the bedroom? Absolutely not! TV lifts are your solution.

These unique pieces of furniture actually hide the flat screen when not in use. Then, when you are ready to get in bed to watch your favorite program, you use a remote control to lift your TV out of the unit.

Some are designed as cabinets or dressers, so they provide additional storage space where needed. Others have a ventless fireplace, so you can enjoy a little ambiance in the room while you relax.

Under-the-bed Storage

There is a lot of space under the bed to put to good use. You can actually buy plastic containers made specifically for this purpose that you can fill it with just about anything. You could always buy bed lifts for even more space. Your other solution would be to buy a platform bed with built in drawers.

Decorative Boxes

You can buy decorative boxes in every size, color, and pattern imaginable. You can also find blank ones at the craft store that can be painted or covered with fabric. These are perfect for remote controls, books, socks, anything else you need a home for.

Behind the Door

The back of the door to your room is prime real estate. There are so many things you can buy to hang back there it will make your head spin. This is a perfect place for a shoe rack, or you can get over-the-door hooks and hang cloth bags to hold hair accessories, hats, mittens, belts, etc.


You can often find decorative boxes at the craft store for well under $1. These can be left as is or spray painted. They are perfect to place on top of your dresser to hold your jewelry, hair brushes, and anything else cluttering up the space. Larger ones can be placed on the floor for dog toys and leashes.

Design Solutions for a Small Space

Whether you are getting your first one bedroom apartment or buying a house with a fairly small living room, you may find yourself faced with decorating challenges. Trying to cram too many items in your living room will make it appear cluttered.

Not to mention, the space will feel smaller than it already is, if you don’t have much floor space to move around. Do not get discouraged through. You can do a lot with that small space with a few basic tips.

Keep Seating Simple

The less furniture you have in a room the more floor space you will have to work with. Determine what your needs actually are. If you never have enough people over to put that extra chair to use get rid of it.

If you are single and literally never do any entertaining or are always on the go then maybe you do not even need a sofa. Perhaps you only need your favorite bean bag and a few floor cushions, just in case friends stop by. Choose your furniture based on your needs, rather than what the norm is.

TV and Media Console

One of the smartest pieces of furniture you can add to a small space is a TV and media console. This one unit will give you a place to house your television and media, but it will also act as a focal point and heat source when the fireplace is on.

Most assume they cannot have a fireplace unless they have a ton of extra room. With a TV and media console you get to have the cozy fire you long for without adding any additional elements to your space.

Cover a Wall with Shelves

You need to make the most of that valuable wall space. So, you can either buy bookshelves to stand up against a wall or install shelves yourself.

These can be used to display art, collectibles, photos, and knickknacks, and they can hold books, games, etc. You can also use them to hold decorative boxes, cloth bins, and baskets to use for storage.

Ottomans and Benches

These items are essential in small spaces. If they open and allow for storage then they can be used for seating while also holding blankets and pillows. A bench could also be used as a side table with your winter coats, sporting gear, or other items you do not need to access in the off-season.

Tips and Tricks

Lighter colors will make the space appear larger. However, this does not mean you are restricted to neutrals. If you want a purple room, by all means go for it! Just choose a lighter shade or else only paint one accent wall the dark shade you love.

You can also stick with neutrals, but incorporate bright colors as accents. Lastly, make use of mirror. Whether you add a mirror fountain, clock, serving tray, etc., to the space it will make the room appear larger due to its reflective nature.

Essential Pieces of Furniture for Small Spaces

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or you have built a micro house on a large piece of land to reduce your carbon footprint, furnishing your home may prove to be a challenge. You want seating for guests, but you also want to be able to walk through your home when no one is there.

It would be nice if some floor space is empty! You would like to have side tables, but don’t need them taking up space all the time. If you have a small home, you simply need smart furniture that lets you make the most of the room that you have to work with.


The great thing about ottomans is they can serve a few purposes. Obviously, they give you a place to put your feet up. They also double as seating when people come over. Ottomans with a firmer surface can be used as end tables, too.


The classic futon has been loved by small space dwellers for many years. It gives you a sofa and a bed all in one. If you have a bedroom with a real bed, then a futon in the living room can be a guest bed.

Nesting Tables

When folks come over, you want everyone to have a table to place their drink and appetizer plate on, but a bunch of tables will take up unnecessary floor space the rest of the time. Nesting tables are the practical solution.


Place a bench that opens by the front door and it will hold your hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, etc. In your main living space it can rest against a wall like a table, and store games, movies, and blankets inside. Put plants or art on top, and when you need extra seating, remove whatever is on top.

Floating Desk

You probably only use your desk a minimal amount, but still, you need somewhere to keep your laptop, bills, etc. A floating desk is perfect. It mounts to the wall and has shelves for storage. The table part flips down, so its footprint is very small. It could double as a kitchen table for a single person, as well.

Drop-Leaf Kitchen Island

The right kitchen island will put some floor space to really good use. Obviously, you can use it for food preparation. If it has shelves, cupboards, and/or drawers, you will have storage space. Place two barstools against it, and you have a breakfast bar.