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Decorating Kids Rooms 

Home Décor for Tween Rooms

Tweens can often be harder to satisfy than teenagers. So, if everyone has been warning you about the teenage years, be prepared for the drama to start long before you are ready. Tweens are at an age where they want cool and trendy things, but they still want to be kids and have fun.

This is why decorating a bedroom at this age can be a nightmare. Where do you find the balance between juvenile and adult? Quite often, they don’t even know what they want, but they do know they want their friends to think they have a cool room. These tips will help!

Getting Started

If you are doing a total makeover it is good to at least get an idea of what they like before you are standing in the middle of the store with a child rolling their eyes at you every time you point out a different comforter. Settle on a color palette or theme to eliminate a lot of options. Going through some design books and sites will help.

If they pick out a dreadful paint color try not to panic and make a big deal out of it. Remember, paint can always be covered. If you make a fuss, they won’t admit they hate it once it is on the walls, and then you are all stuck staring at it every day until it is time to redecorate again.



Homework is important, but no one wants to sit at an uncomfortable desk that does not provide enough space for books and supplies. This desk should last them through high school, so make sure it has storage and enough space to be comfortable. They will need a comfortable chair and a work lamp, too.

Bean Bag Chairs

You can either go with large children bean bag chairs, or get a small adult one, depending on the style, color, and material they like. Some bean bag chairs for kids are larger than those made for adults, but they have more youthful colors and styles. These are ideal for studying for long hours, or for playing video games, of course.


The great thing about posters is they are cheap and can be recycled. An actor or band they are into right now may be old news in another six months. You won’t have to cringe when it gets torn off the wall, and they beg for a replacement.

Dry Erase Board or Chalkboard

Whether you are leaving them a list of things to do or their friends are leaving them notes, a dry erase board or chalkboard will see a lot of action. Chalkboard paint is cheap!

Wardrobe Storage

Their wardrobe is bound to expand greatly over the next few years, especially when they stop growing because nothing will be getting rotated out. Drawers, shelves, cubbies, hooks, baskets, etc., can all be considered. Cloth bags hung from hooks on the back of the door are perfect for socks, hair accessories, gloves, and tights.

Fun Décor Tips for Kids Rooms

Your child’s bedroom is more than just a place they go to sleep at night. This is where they start a new exciting day. They daydream of becoming a princess or firefighter in this room, and they learn to read their first words during their bedtime story.

This room should be bursting with personality, but that does not mean you have to plaster Elsa, Sponge Bob, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all over. Below are some fun and youthful décor tips that will help make your child’s room worthy of the day and night dreams they will have there.


Think bigger than striped comforters. All you need is a measuring stick and painting tape to create big bold horizontal stripes on the wall. Use two colors or several. Horizontal stripes will also make a small room feel quite large.

Small Bean Bags

Get your child one of these comfy balls of beans, and they will be hooked for life. Small bean bags are available in a huge variety of colors and styles, and they are perfect to bring out to the living room for watching cartoons or family movie night. When they grow out of them and need larger ones these small ones become ottomans and pet beds.

Floating Shelves

When you mount floating shelves up high enough, you don’t have to worry about them getting walked into, which can cut down on the number of times their head gets bumped throughout their childhood. Decorative baskets and fabric bins can hold clothes, toys, and other odds-and-ends on these shelves, or you can put their books, stuffed animals, and collections on display.

Custom Headboards

You don’t need to have an actual headboard to look like you do. Use heavy particle board cut in a fun shape and cover it with a patterned fabric. It is light enough to Velcro to the wall. Every once in a while, you can just switch the material for a fun new look.

Homemade Art

Let your child create an art piece for their room. Buy a canvas at the craft store and a couple bottles of acrylic paint, and they can make a masterpiece they will be proud of every time they look at it.

Polka Dots

You may not be crazy about polka dots, but kids tend to love them. They are fun and look like bubbles. Go overboard with them. Polka dots pair perfectly with your striped wall.

Wall Decals

The selection of wall decals available today is mind-blowing. Whether you want to spell their name or put butterflies or birds all over the walls these decals make it easy and affordable.

5 Essentials for Your Child’s Room

Aside from probably struggling to choose a theme, furnishing your nursery was likely relatively easy. You already knew you needed a crib, changing table, dresser, etc., and no one was going to complain over your choices anyway.

Furnishing a child’s room is not quite as easy. They often already know what theme or colors they want and some even have their heart set on bunk beds, a canopy bed, or even a bed shaped like a racecar.

However, beyond that you might be feeling a little confused. What other pieces of furniture should be added that you won’t have to turn around and replace in another year?

Kiddie Bean Bag Chairs

If you buy only one thing on this list, let it be kid bean bag chairs. Kids love these balls of beans because they are comfortable and just the right size. You will love that some have machine-washable covers and they last pretty much forever.

When your child finally does grow out of their chair, it can be used as a foot stool or a pet bed, but if you buy a small to medium-sized one, they could ultimately end up taking it with them to their dorm room in college.


Children should have their own workspace where they can do homework, other than the kitchen table, of course. When they are old enough to have a laptop, they will already have a desk for it. Plus, this way they can keep their supplies out, and it can even double as a craft station.

Picnic Table

If the room is large enough for a play area, a small plastic picnic table will be perfect for tea parties, playing games with friends, etc. A regular table and chairs is fine but then you have to worry about chairs tipping over. Plus, they can look sloppy when they are all scattered around. A kid-sized picnic table is the solution.


So, this is obviously not furniture, but a definite essential you will be glad you added. You can buy a chalkboard, but it is a whole lot easier just to buy chalkboard paint and paint a section of the wall. Some do the length of an entire wall while others choose a small area in a corner.

Storage Solutions

A child’s room can look like a tornado stormed through five minutes after you cleaned it. Make sure everything has a home. Benches that double as storage are ideal, but plastic bins are perfect for all those small toys and game pieces that often end up in a pile. Putting labels on everything will help your child know where everything belongs.