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Decorating Dorm Rooms 

6 Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Larger

You don’t need a huge bedroom to create an environment you love lounging in. If your room feels cramped or you have never bothered to decorate it then it is not likely going to be the place you retreat to after a long day.

Maybe you are downsizing and a little stumped on what to do with your smaller space. These tips will help even a tiny room feel a lot more spacious.

Remove the Clutter

Even having a few things out-of-place in a small room can make the space feel cramped. For example, 10 bottles of lotion, body spray, and perfume adds 10 additional elements to the space.

Put all those containers in a decorative box with a lid and suddenly you have only added one element to the space. It is very important that a small room not be permitted to get cluttered.

Scale Furniture

There is absolutely nothing you can do to make a small bedroom feel larger, if you just squeezed a California King bed in it. Don’t buy a bed bigger than you need. This theory applies to dressers, too.

Don’t buy a bedroom set because it is on sale, when you may not need the extra dresser that is responsible for making the room feel cramped. Platform beds with drawers in the base are smart and floating nightstands let you maximize floor space beneath them.

Reflective Décor

Mirror is a great material to decorate with in a small space because its reflective nature makes the room appear larger. Indoor waterfalls made of mirrorare ideal.

Not only will the mirror brighten up the space; the sound of cascading water made by indoor waterfalls is very soothing, so it will help you fall asleep faster.

Thoughtful Color Palette

As a rule, bright and light colors tend to make a room appear bigger. However, this does not mean that you have to avoid dark colors. You can even get away with a black or deep plum accent wall, if there are also lighter elements in the room to provide balance.

Rethink the TV

If you actually use the TV in the bedroom then by all means keep it there. If not, this should be the first thing to go. Electronics add a ton of energy to a space. If you must have one, opt for a flat screen and store the remote in the nightstand drawer, so it is not adding to clutter.

Create a Focal Point

Even a small room demands a focal point. If the element is special enough, you really will not need other art. For example, if you go with an indoor waterfall, you probably will not need anything else in the room.

Must Have Dorm Room Essentials

One of the most exciting things about staying on campus is decorating your dorm room. However, many people stress about this process because they just don’t know where to begin.

Not only do you not want to forget anything important, you have to make your decisions thoughtfully because space is limited. This list of essentials will get you started.

Bean Bag Lounger

You may think you don’t need anything to sit on because you have a bed and desk, but you do. Desks can be used for more important purposes, such as storing cosmetics, hair products, snacks, paper plates, etc.

If you sit on your bed for long hours to study and do homework your back will ache. A bean bag lounger can be squished in a corner and is comfortable enough to sit in for hours. Plus, you will need seating for friends anyway.

Lap Desk

Since your actual desk is holding essentials, you will need a lap desk. You can pick these up anywhere for under $10. They have a cushion on one side and a flat desk surface on the other.

Heating Source

Dorms never seem to be warm enough. However, most don’t allow large space heaters. There are small ceramic heaters that use under 400 watts of energy that will warm you up, especially if you’re sitting right in front of it. A heating blanket is essential to have, too.


Fabric hampers or bags are ideal. When one gets full, it is easy to toss over your shoulder like Santa Claus and hit the laundry room.

Storage boxes

These will become your best friends. Fill them with clothes, school supplies, personal hygiene products, food, jewelry, etc., and stack them as tall as you. It is a good idea to label them, so you know which box to grab when you need something.

Hand Vac

You don’t need a full-size vacuum. A hand vacuum will be adequate for a small room. If your dorm is close to home, you can skip this item and just borrow one, as needed.

Command Hooks

Command makes hooks in every size and style imaginable, and they don’t ruin the walls. These can hold jackets, hoodies, keys, and cloth bags filled with plastic ware, hair accessories, scarves, and mittens.

Bed Risers

You can pick up dorm room bed risers at places like University Housewares and Target. They raise your bed over 5 inches so you can make the most of that storage space underneath.

Survival Guide for Your Small Bedroom

Not everyone can have a king-sized bedroom, but that does not mean you have to hate your small space. You can do a lot more with a small bedroom than you probably realize. You just need the right furnishings, thoughtful storage, and helpful decorating tips.


A large percentage of the popularity insists on buying a queen or king-sized bed when they don’t even need one. Think of all that valuable floor space you will free up, if you opt for a daybed against a wall instead. Daybeds are perfect for kids’ rooms and studio apartments, too.

Light and Bright

Dark color palettes dwarf a space. You may love the look of a dark plum wall and black curtains, but your small space will shrink before your very eyes. You definitely do not want to feel like the walls are closing in every time you are in your room. Stick with light colors and welcome natural light.

Multipurpose Nightstand

Rather than buy an actual nightstand, use a three-drawer dresser instead. It will be the perfect height to use as a nightstand next to the bed, but the drawers can hold clothes, books, spare sheets, or anything else you don’t have room for.

Decorating with Mirrors

You really can’t have too many mirrors in a small space. Their reflective nature makes a room feel bigger. You can always buy an old one at a flea market and paint a cute frame around it on the wall.

Shadow Boxes

ou don’t have to avoid art just because you have a small space. Shadow boxes give you places to showcase a few items. Plus, they add a three-dimensional element to the space.

Floating Bedside Table

If you don’t use a small dresser for your nightstand, consider using a floating table. You can even mount on cube to a wall, so you have a table, plus a space for a fabric bin. However, since the floor is open underneath, you can put your trash can or pile of books down there.

Creative Storage

Absolutely everything in a small room needs a home. Even a stack of magazines or a few hoodies on the dresser will create clutter. Get creative with your storage and make the most of every inch of space.

Fabric bags hung from a towel holder on the back of the door can hold a lot of odds-and-ends. Put all jewelry in a jewelry box, and if you have lotions, body sprays, perfume, cologne, etc., on your dresser then put them all in a decorative box or bin. Now, you have one element on your dresser instead of several.