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Tips for Choosing Cheap Bean Bags for Kids

The old adage everything old is new again couldn’t be more relevant to the bean Bag chair space today. In the late 1960’s into the early 1970’s Bean Bag chairs were at the height of their popularity in the U.S. Cheap bean bag chairs for kids are making a charging comeback.

The worldwide pandemic has caused more children to spend more time indoors and at home. This has put a stress not just on parents and caregivers but also on couches and chairs. In looking for alternatives to reading chairs fort small spaces some have already discovered cheap bean bags for kids.

The tag line cheap bean bags for kids is of course relative to longevity. If you have to replace the boys bean bag chairs every month because of wear and tear, are they still cheap? The concept was simple, create a kids stuffed chair that can take a beating and “keep on ticking”.  

Originally a hit with the chic and hip of the 1960’s and 1970’s vinyl covering was the appealing covering of the day. Now that more is known about vinyl and all bean bags including toddler bean bag chairs must carry the Proposition 65 warning in California as a carcinogen, that covering should be crossed off the list when choosing cheap bean bag chairs for kids.

Important Difference When Shopping for Bean Bag Chairs

When searching for a cheap bean bag for kids, it is one of those online experiences. There are many choices including personalized bean bag chairs for kids, mini beanbag chairs, boy bean bag chairs, the toddler bean bag, and even the mini bean bag chair for dolls or reading chairs for small spaces. Before clicking the purchase now button, there are some important differences to consider.

Fabric Covering

As already discussed in their past incarnation, the popular bean bag chairs were covered in vinyl, not specifically because it was a cinch to clean but because it happened to be a trendy material at the time. It is amazingly easy to clean and when shopping for a boy bean bag chair it is tempting, because there is no doubt it will have to be cleaned more than once.

Other favorite fabric coverings for bean bag kids are cotton, polyester, and nylon. All washable and good choices if they are easily removeable from the bean bag. It the fabric covering of boys bean bag chairs is not removable and machine washable there is only so long spot removing and hand washing will keep it clean. This especially applies to the toddler bean bag as well, how many spills can a fabric covering endure if it can’t be put in the washing machine. 

The Filling

Most beanbags are filled with one of two standard fillings. Some are filled with Polystyrene bead. These are comfortable and easy to move even for children and toddlers. The downside is that they disintegrate and break down over time. Refilling even a cheap bean bag for kids is a costly endeavor.

It is cheaper to dispose of the beanbag whose stuffing has disintegrated and buy another. The other popular filling is polyurethane foam. It is comfortable, but heavier to move. Be sure it is an eco-foam. If shopping for a personalized bean bag chairs for kids, polyurethane foam filled should be the choice.

It is a longer lasting filling for a bean bag chair that is likely to become a favorite because of its personalization. All other bean bag fillings are questionable, be sure to do the necessary homework when shopping for bean bag kids.


The other big difference in bean bags of all shapes and sizes, they are not just around anymore, is comfort. With the biggest selections of bean bags for toddlers online, the comfort factor can’t be determined until it arrives. Look for online retailers of bean bags for boys, girls and even adults who are willing to back their product with a generous pre-paid return policy.

Local retailers do offer bean bag chairs and furniture in limited selection. Online retailers have a wider selection of boy bean bags, doll bean bags, toddler bean bags and even personalized bean bags for all ages. Check the reviews, read about the construction, and look for a no questions asked return policy.

Some online bean bag retailers are actually the manufacturers, and most are currently offering extraordinary warranties that surpass other types of furniture products. Major local retailers are beginning to have a limited selection of small toddler and child sized bean bags with others offering more on their online portals.