Large Bean Bags

Large Bean Bags and Huge Bean Bag Chairs

Beanbags were a big hit eons ago, and the last few years have made resurgence in popularity. The Soothing Company offers many high quality, huge bean bag chairs that will become your favorite choice in seating. You can move ‘em, snooze in ‘em and play in ‘em. Soothing Company has every size bean bags imaginable, but the large bean bag chairs, like the Jaxx Cocoon BeanBag Lounger, are extra soft and plush for your ultimate bean bag enjoyment.

Choose from fun, giant bean bag chairs that are highly durable and can be used inside or outside, depending on where you want to relax. These Sofa Bean Bag Chairs are big enough to work in or take a power nap. The nice part about bean bags are how they adjust to your body, with plush foam that never needs refilling. Although they are colorful and fun just as is, you can also choose to get bean bag covers if you want to change the color or if your large bean bag chair becomes worn. Rest assured, it will take many years for that to happen, because Soothing Company’s large beanbag chairs are made of furniture-grade fabric that lasts a long time and most can be washed easily in your home washing machine.

We use high quality bean bag makers that double-stitch and use double zippered bags, so you don’t have to worry so much about the dog or the kids puncturing your Kids Bean Bag Chairs. If for some reason you manage to get through all that extra fabric, these large beanbags can be easily refilled and used time and time again.

Some of our large bean bag chairs can even be converted to use as a lounger on the floor, bed, or simply as a bean bag chair itself. You’ll want to hang out in your giant bean bag chair all day, so if you work at home then pull up a laptop and work in the comfort of a cushy bean bag. Most of the large bean bags are made for adults and we even have a large bean bag lounger that will hold two. Cozy up with the one you love or with your kids on the bean bag and have a tickle fight! Bean bags have a stylish fun and crazy cool art deco that fits in with most any décor.

Back in the day, bean bag chairs were just for kids. But today, Huge Bean Bags are perfect adults of any size. The kids grew up and still love their larger bean bag chairs, and why wouldn’t they? Soothing COmpany has a huge selection of colors and different fabric choices, like soft microfiber or leather; plus prints and flowers for fun shapes in your home design.

Large Bean Bags can also be used as bean bag pillows. For those who like to lie on the floor or who want to lay outside in the sun, the large bean bag loungers and pillows is a must-have.

Large Bean Bags