Bean Bag Chairs

You can't truly appreciate how wonderful bean bags are until you melt into one for the first time. You will instantly feel every inch of your body cradled and soothed, and you may notice your anxiety and stress quickly decrease. Here at Soothing Company, we have beanbag furniture for every person and room in your home.

• Best Sellers - Are you wondering what is hot right now? Check out this category that shows some of our most popular picks.

Kids - If you have little ones in the house, they will love our kids' selection. This is furniture made for their size so they can easily get on and off without help. We even have some in the shape of fun animals and sports balls.

• Small - These bags of beans are perfect for kids and adults. They are big enough to get comfortable, but take up minimal room. This makes them ideal for media and game rooms and dorms.

• Medium - This is a very popular category because it is quite diverse. Many people assume bean bags are all round, but you will see unique styling in the selection we have here. Our Jaxx Original bean Bag is a very popular pick because you can lay it flat or stand it up, and it is available in some exciting colors.

• Large - These are the chairs you can really cozy up and get comfortable in for a movie marathon or long night of studying. You will find that many of them have removable, machine-washable covers too.

• Extra-large -Chairs in this category are perfect for one person to stretch out on or two to three people to sit comfortably in. Since the filling moves independently, you never have to worry about one spot breaking down or becoming uncomfortable.

Sofa - Who says you need a traditional sofa? Here at the Soothing Company we have sofa bean bags that are more than seven feet long. Once again, you will find some with removable covers, so keeping them clean and looking new is a breeze.

• Sporty - If you or your child love football, soccer, basketball, or baseball, these chairs are for you. Use them for a playroom, game room, man cave, or finished bar area.

• Gaming - If you are a gamer then you understand that positioning is everything. You need to be able to lounge in a way that your back will not ache and your limbs won't get tired. These beans are thoughtfully designed just for you.

• Foam Furniture - Even if you are sold on the idea of a bean bag, you should check out the offerings in this category too. You may want to add something on. For example, our Jaxx Contour Convertible Furniture can be a seat, table, or bed. So, keep it as a table, and then unfold it when your kids have sleepovers or you have guests over.

• Ottomans - Although you do not necessarily need an ottoman, it is considered the icing on the cake. Plus, if you have a simple color scheme, this gives you the opportunity to add a pop of color.

Bean Bag Chairs

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